Firefighters battling Addiction, PTSD, and Bad Moods with Hemp / CBD? | HempList #69

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In Summary

Gary Roberts, a Firefighter, host of Good Dudes Grow Podcast, and Co-Founder of Promises Innovative Recovery joins Chase Nobles the CEO and founder of on this HempList Podcast

After facing multiple deaths in the family due to opiate addiction Gary Roberts, a Firefighter, started his mission to explore the benefits of Hemp & Cannabis when it comes to helping people with addiction, ptsd, and depression. Located in Southern Florida, Gary and Chase discuss the opiate crisis, the benefits of hemp & CBD, and even the risks with using hemp products while working a job that requires drug testing. Finally Chase asks Gary to talk about psychedelics and how he sees them playing a role in the market and how that could help even more people.

Promises Innovative Recovery /
” Imagine an expansive tropical paradise where you can immerse yourself deep in self-healing through the sophistication and nuances of exquisite cannabis, hemp, and psychedelic therapy, unencumbered by disruption or distraction from the outside world in a safe environment. The only resort with medical oversight in LATAM. This stunning health and wellness resort will sit on 100 acres of pristine Costa Rican oceanfront property, with warm tropical water, a long sandy beach, green riverfront zones, an estuary with mangroves, old-growth rainforest populated with wildlife, horseback riding trails, and gorgeous ocean views located throughout the property. Rich in resources and infrastructure, including abundant rivers, creeks, horse corrals, agricultural fields, and fruit trees. “

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