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Check out the Group Buy Feature

What if we could all organize and use the marketplace to get better prices on everything from soil to glass jars? What if even the smallest farms could benefit from the industry’s buying power?

Kush Marketplace has launched a streamlined process for bulk purchasing and selling ancillary products within the cannabis industry. Group Buys give buyers, of all size, the power to organize with fellow farms and make organized purchases at great prices, while giving sellers an easy way to distribute large amounts of product with ease.

How It Works

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you’re selling 1g Mylar bags in bulk. You could setup a ‘Kush Marketplace Group Buy’ for your bags with a sliding scale on pricing that makes sense for you.

Here you’ll see if you sold only 150,000 bags then the price for buyers will be $0.07/bag. But, if the Group Buy can generate enough buyers to purchase 2.5M+ bags, then you’ll honor the discounted rate of $0.02 for all buyers. No negotiations, and all prices are set by the seller.

From there the work is easy, you only have one shipment to make, and one payment to receive.

Shipping, Payments, & Logistics

Here’s where the term ‘Beta’ applies. We will be testing this new feature starting today, and things are subject to change.

Ideally Kush Marketplace will become an efficient shipping center for the cannabis industry. Of course this only works with ancillary products right now, but we hope to make transactions super simple by having sellers ship the bulk product to the Kush HQ in South Seattle for pickup or further deliveries from there.

Likewise, payments could be simplified within a Group Buy. Sellers would no longer have to verify dozens of payments to sell a large amount of product. We could collect payment from a number of buyers upfront, and deliver one organized payment to the seller as the product ships out.

What It Looks Like

Of course everything’s a working project, but right now you should see a ‘Group Buy’ tab at the top of your page. This is where you can check for any group purchases that are currently live.

These Are Live Group Buys! Click to Participate.

Every product has a default price, highlighted in Red. This will be the maximum price for the product if there wasn’t enough quantity purchased to break into the ‘next price break’.

On the right you’ll be able to see the deal status including the ‘Time Left to Purchase’ which will decide the estimated shipping date. In the bottom right we have a button that lets you easily send Group Buys to other purchasers so that they can help increase the quantity to get you a better price.

And finally above the ‘Send to Friend’ button, is where you can join into the group purchase. From here, a quick form will pop-up laying out the minimum purchase amount, current group purchase, and the current price. All you’ll need to do is enter how many units your looking to purchase.

Once the total group purchase has reached the sellers maximum capacity, or if the deal reaches it’s expiration date, prices will be finalized and the deal will be taken off the marketplace. Sellers will know how much to ship, and what payment to expect. Kush can handle the rest.

Check out the Group Buy Feature

Get Involved

If you’d like to get involved with the new Kush Marketplace Group Buys as a seller, reach out at

If your an excited purchaser, login to the Kush Marketplace to see the new group buys!

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