Harvest Tips: How to Get the Maximum Cannabis Yield

Whether you are cultivating marijuana for commercial reasons or yourself, it is the yield that matters the most. With your money and effort invested in it, you might want to maximize the return on investment. Although you can indulge in the old age hit and trial method, there are a few tips that can ensure that your cannabis plants yield better produce. If you are planning to start the cultivation, read on to find out how.    

Cannabis Yield: How to Get the Most Out of Your Plants

1. Light Intensity is the Key:

While there are various weed types in the market, what brings them together is the fact that they need light to grow.And as per research by Greenseal Cannabis Company, the only way to boost the size of the bud to get better yields is by changing the intensity of the light. Sunlight can be an effective way to grow plants, but for indoor growers, it becomes essential to pick the right lighting. While there are some lights with strong penetration and can burn the plants if your room lacks ventilation. On the other hand, there can be lights that may only be able to work once they are closer to the plants. So, you ought to be careful with the lights.

[PRO TIP] Go for a combination of LED and HID lights and ensure that all the branches get sufficient light. Add a net to guide the plant’s growth so that even the branches deep inside can get ample light.  

2. Adopt Trellising:

A major reason for low yield is the plants that fail to grow. Sometimes, a plant even lacks the strength to support itself. In such a case, the plant may need external support in the form of a structure to grow and produce yield. This technique is called trellising.

[PRO TIP] Build a structure with bamboo or any other metal. Arrange the rods in such a way that it aids the growth of a plant and keeps them separated from each other. 


3. Pick the Right Nutrients:

The first step is germinating cannabis seeds in the right way, and then it is the nutrients that help them in carrying out photosynthesis and grow. Many people tend to believe that more nutrients will lead to bigger buds, but does it really work that way? Marijuana plants need nutrients, but overdoing will do more bad than good.    

[PRO TIP] Keep a check on the leaves. If you see the tips of the plant yellowing, it is evident that they are receiving more nutrients than needed. While you can get bottled nutrients from the market, it is always better to create your own super soil.   

4. Keep the Temperature Under Control:

Temperature and humidity both play a vital role in the yield. If the humidity and temperature are either too high or too low, it can adversely impact the development of buds. In case of extremely high temperatures during the flowering stage, the cannabinoids and terpenes might burn away and take away the fragrance of your buds.

[PRO TIP] Keep a close eye on the leaves for signs of harm. The leaves exposed to a higher temperature will wilt and burn, giving you an indication to adjust the temperature. Keep the temperature between 21-29 degrees Celsius while they are getting light, and 14-21 degrees Celsius while they are without light. The humidity levels must average between 50-70%, as per the stage of development.      

5. CO2 to the Rescue:

If you are giving sufficient light to your plant, where you cannot go any further on the lights, there is still a way to boost yields. You can easily increase the plant’s ability to use more light by increasing the CO2 levels during the flowering stage. In other words, light is the food for the plants, and all CO2 does it expand their bellies to eat more food than usual. A study was done by the University of Mississippiwhich concludes how the photosynthesis process changes with variation in CO2 levels. 

[PRO TIP] Go steady when adding CO2 to the plants. You can start with 1250-1350 ppm in the flowering stage and then increase it till 1400 maximum in week 7. Then, in the last week go back to 1,000 ppm. Keep in mind that for CO2 to work, the plants must have maxed out on the light; otherwise, CO2 will not cause any changes to the yield.  

6. Increase the Size of the Container:

Choosing the right container can be an important way to give cannabis plants a boost. Increasing the size of the containers gives more space to the plants to grow, and with that, you can certainly expect more yields.

[PRO TIP] If your budget allows you, replace your smaller container with a relatively bigger one. With it, you will also have to change a major part of the set-up, be it lights or nutrients, so plan well in advance.   

With the recent changes in law and the consequent legalization of cannabis, it has become a household name. While many people prefer to buy their cannabis from Toronto, Canada cannabis store, many adopt a more hands-on approach. Apart from having control over the quality of weed; you also get to save a lot of money when you decide to grow it yourself. So, if you are someone with a knack for farming or plan to get into the cannabis industry, start today while keeping these easy tips in mind.  

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