In this tutorial we’ll cover how to make a new product listing on from scratch. We’ll also you how to promote a product and really make an impression on the marketplace!

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Not a Premium Member yet on Singing up, Buying, and Viewing is free, but Selling on the Marketplace does require a membership. We offer the Basic Membership to get started at just $15/mo! But we recommend the Premium Membership to avoid potential fees, gain access to Custom Online Storefronts, and much More.

How To Create A Product & Product Promotions On (transcript)

First let’s create the Product listing! Your products can be managed and created from the My Products Page. Click Add Product to start a new listing on The next three pages will guide you through the process of building a product listing.

In the First Page you’ll enter basic information like the Title, Description, and Price for your product. You’ll also have the option to set a Minimum Order Quantity.

From the second page you can upload multiple photos at the same time by clicking Add Image. Keep in mind that whichever image is showing first, will be the Main Image for the Product.

Finally, the last page will ask for the specific Cannabinoid content of your product. You can add all the relevant Cannabinoids into the given inputs, and upload your COA’s or other documentation with the Add Document button on the bottom.

And that’s it, your products are now live on the Kush marketplace.

How To Promote a Product

From the My Products page you can see all the products created, and some statistics about their reach. Want to get more views? Lets promote this product to maximize it’s potential.

Featuring the product will ensure your listing stays at the top of the Products Pages for the most visibility. They can be purchased by the Week or Month. Additionally, consider Add Ons with your Featured Product, like the Weekly Newsletter Inclusion for just $50, or even a Dedicated Email blast to our entire subscription base! From there, simply confirm your cart before finishing the secure Checkout.

And that’s it, we’ve created a new Product on, and promoted the product for the quickest results.

Managing Orders on

Finally, what should you expect once an order is placed? From here you’ll need to keep an eye on two pages; My Conversations & Orders Received. From the My Conversations page you’ll be able to chat with buyers, and see all the past conversations started:

On the Orders Received page you’ll see all your current orders with more details about payments and delivery status. Things here will typically be slimmed down, sortable, and easier to organize than the Conversations.

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