Every Advertising Option on Kush.com EXPLAINED with Costs & Returns

There’s a ton of different ways to advertise Hemp & Cannabis with Kush.com! Here’s a guide to All Current Advertising options on kush.com including;

1. Posting Traditional Product Listings
2. Promoting a Product or Storefront
3. Targeted Email Campaigns
4. Sponsored Blog Posts
5. Banner / Inline Ad Space & PPC Ads
6. HempList Podcast
7. Other (Custom packages, Google, Outbrain, ext)

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Check out the Basics video for a general overview of how the kush marketplace functions..

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Posting Products on Kush.com

First let’s create the Product listing! To get started selling on kush.com you’ll just need to signup for an account, update all the contact / business information, and then start a membership once your ready for sales. 

We recommend the Premium Membership ($99/mo or $999/yr) for most sellers, but if you’re looking to make larger wholesale deals the Basic might work for you too. With the basic you’ll only pay $15/mo, but there will be additional markups and fees for introductions.

Your products can be managed and created from the My Products Page. Click Add Product to start a new listing on kush.com. The next three pages will guide you through the process of building a product listing and that’s it! Be prepared to upload COA’s if available, and have a few good pictures of the products for the best results.

COST: We recommend the Premium Membership ($99/mo or $999/yr) for most sellers

RETURN: Sell on kush.com, Make new Connections in the Industry, SEO boosts, AND many sellers see THOUSANDS in new sales every month

Promoting Kush.com Products

Featured products earn Page 1 Exposure and more than 60% of the product pageviews on kush.com. Did you know more than 90% of shoppers don’t make it past page 1?

COST: $150/wk+ (add-ons available), OR receive TWO Free Promotions with every Annual Premium Membership!

RETURN: Featured products on average see 18x PAGE VIEWS while promoted!

OR looking to promote a bunch of products at the same time? You also have the option to Promote A Storefront for $750/wk to get more views on your branded storefront page with all the products posted in the same place (premium only feature).

Targeted Email Campaigns

Reach over 100,000 highly targeted shoppers

We can use KeyWords like ‘Vape’ ‘Buyer’ to search our user database and target buyers specifically for what you’re advertising. Then you can design a targeted email blast for $0.25 – $0.75/recipient.

COST: $1,000 min, limited to 1 per week for effectiveness

RETURN: Our previous Targeted Email Campaigns have received up to 50% open rates and a click rate from 1-3%. Above the average for email advertising, but fairly dependent on the content quality & relevance

Sponsored Blog Posts

Every Thursday we email a newsletter update to all our users and friends in the network (100k+ subscribers!)

COST: $500 for educational post (2 backlinks per 500 words) OR $2,500 for sponsored content post (can be pure advertising)

RETURN: Link the blog to your own websites for a Permanent SEO Boost while reaching thousands of industry professionals in our market! 


Ad Space & Pay Per Click Ads

Currently we have two different options on the Marketplace available for purchase including the popular Banner Ad that shows at the top of every page. Send us your own designs, and link the ad space to your own sites then watch the clicks / impressions add up!

COST: $250/Wk for the Inline Square or $500/Wk for the Banner (most popular) OR for qualifying vendors & products starting at $2/click

RETURN: An average of 1,500+ Unique Visitors PER DAY and up to 3,000 Clicks Per Month (on a single banner ad!)

The HempList Podcast

The HempList has become a great educational outlet for the Hemp Industry, but it’s also FUN!

In our first run we hosted 70 different guests from all around the Hemp & Cannabis industry including a Hemp SEO business operating in war-torn Ukraine (#70, latest episode), Fungus Experts Wildroot Organics (#14), and one of the biggest Clone providers on the planet Sunridge Nurseries (#11 with over 75,000 views!).

COST: Write info@kush.com for the standalone price, OR the HempList interview is Included With Every Annual Premium Membership

Share your story, educate the industry, and put yourself on a platform along side some of the industries leaders! Our most popular episode has received nearly 75,000 Views

Other Options, Google, Outbrain, ext..

There are a few more options that are handled on a case by case basis like managing custom Google Advertising campaigns, utilizing Outbrain, or even packaging a ton of advertising options all together into one organized effort.

Questions? Want to learn more? Write us at info@kush.com and we’ll gladly walk you through all the available options.

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