Join Us for Highly Educated: A Brief History of 4/20 with Max Montrose

Interested in learning more about the history of 4/20? Join and the Trichome Institute for brief history of the meeting time that turned into a worldwide day of political activism. Hosted by by long-time cannabis activist Max Montrose.

Max is the cannabis industry’s authoritative voice and a key educational advisor to the government, business, and public sectors for cannabis-related projects. 

Max specializes in cannabis safety, education, and awareness. He works with lawyers, doctors, and scientists in the cannabis industry to understand, discover, and educate people about the truths and complexities of the cannabis plant.

Additionally, Max is the co-founder of Trichome Institute, which specializes in providing a certifiable cannabis curriculum for professionals and recreational users.  Max created Interpening, the art and science of the cannabis sommelier. As the author of the Interpening book, tools, and producer of Trichome Institute’s online courses, Max is continuously researching cannabis to provide the world with proper education, about this amazingly complex and beautiful plant.

Trichome Institute 4/20 Quarantine Special

It’s 420 Month and we’re all QUARANTINED!  So, why not make the best of your time with some fun and quarantine-worthy cannabis education?  

For the entire month of April 2020, the Trichome Institute is offering an all-access course bundle at an incredibly affordable rate, for both individuals and groups!

For only $224.20 USD, enrolled students will have access to all of the Trichome Institute‘s courses for the entire year of 2020, instead of the normal six month access.

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