Kush Marketplace: Brand Recognition

You may be asking yourself, why should we participate in B2B events? We want to reach consumers, not competing Cannabis companies; Why should we come to your event, what is the benefit?

Well let me tell you something crucial. Your first line of defense in this industry is being able to stand out among a sea of similarities. Your second line of defense is a well-trained budtender on your product.

If you walked into a shop today as a processor or producer and asked a budtender for a product that is, has, or does something specific, do you think that bud tender is going to hand you your own product? You would hope they do!

Now what if you are a company that doesn’t educate budtenders on how to sell your products better?  What if you are a company that doesn’t get face to face time with everyone to help stand out among the rest? What product is that Budtender going to hand you? There’s a good chance that budtender may hand you products that aren’t from your company. 

You need to differentiate yourself from the competition, and one of the best ways to do this is to have a good grasp on the marketplace as a whole, to train your bud tenders in everything there is to know about your products, and by using the opportunity to market yourself in the cannabis community!

Know what the competition is doing next, find comfort that your employees know your product inside and out, and finally get your name recognized as a force to be reckoned with!

So let me say it one more time so everyone in the back can hear it. Going to events to network, help build relationships, and gain brand recognition in the Cannabis industry is. Stop ignoring the importance of marketing or coming up with excuses to do it later and let us help you achieve the great things we here at Kush know you can do!

-Jessica Crosbie 

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