Kush Marketplace: Hack the System (For Buyers)

Sourcing quality raw material used to be really tough… With the most recent updates to the Kush Marketplace Platform, sourcing has gotten much easier. So easy in fact, we’re now dealing with issues associated with the volume of raw material being sourced. Here’s a couple of tips and tricks to use the system in a more efficient way.

Check For Offers:

Within the last few months we have released many updates, but the most powerful might be public offers. Now any offers made through the site will show on the products page. This means that if a product has been posted at .50/g but selling at .40/g, you won’t have to overpay! Sellers may have came down for particular inventory, or bulk purchases, but otherwise looking for good deals might be as easy as looking for previously accepted offers.

Create Multiple Saved Searches:

A lot of people will go in and make one search for outdoor trim below $0.20 for example. This will work, but what if someone has seeded full bud flower that they’re selling at $0.17/g? As a buyer, you won’t be notified when that product is uploaded. You should have 2 saved searches one for trim and one for flower. Also, make sure to keep your searches as open as possible unless you are looking for something super specific. Creating a buyer request for greenhouse trim under $0.40/g will limit your results. What if a farm uploads indoor trim in your price range? Again, you won’t be notified.

Try Creating a Saved Search Here

Check The ALERTS BOX On Saved Searches:

Second point here is to check the alerts box and put in your phone number on these saved searches. If you do this, you will receive a text message with a photo and some basic information as soon as a product is uploaded that meets your criteria. The really good deals go super fast and by fast, I mean within minutes. So getting these text messages is really important. If you’re not getting the text message updates, you’re not in the game.

Liberally Request Information on Individual Products:

If something doesn’t match exactly what you need, request information and tell them what you’re looking for. They might actually have it, but just didn’t list it. For example, if they say they have 300lbs of bud at 19% and you need flower over 20% then ask them if they have any! The chances of a yes is surprisingly high. Many times, farms are only listing product they want to offload in bulk, but if the right offer comes along then they’re inclined to take it because money now is worth more than money later.

If You Offer Low Explain Why:

Low offers without explanation from the buyer are the biggest reason an offer is not accepted. There’s an easy way around this. Explain why you’re offering a specific rate especially if it would be considered low. Is it a one and done purchase or are you planning to buy 50lbs a week? These things matter. I know it’s a buyers market right now, but sell your self a little, and give the farm a reason to work with you. There’s a message box on the “Make Offer” form. Fill it out!

Contact Kush

If there’s something your especially excited about, but you can’t get a response it’s probably because the seller hasn’t seen the question, or the product has sold. We may need to reach out. If you only need a single photo or test result, the easiest way is to get them uploaded in the individual conversation. If you have a detailed request, let us know and we’ll reach out and see how we can help! You can always reach us at 206-587-5874.

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