Kush Marketplace: ‘Trusted’ Vendors (Beta)

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a free service to weed through the legal cannabis industry?

We’re always looking for ways to improve the speed and efficiency of our wholesale cannabis platform, Kush Marketplace. Recently we’ve been developing a program that would highlight trusted vendors who are easy to work with, and grow great weed.


To become a Kush Marketplace ‘Trusted’ Vendor we’ll arrange a meeting (by phone or at the facility) to gather the following information:

  • All current and updated info. Ie: Address, Phone numbers, license numbers, emails, contacts, tier/type farm type (Outdoor / indoor / greenhouse / hoop house)
  • Kush Marketplace approved photos
  • Notes on harvesting, trimming methods, and storage of products
  • List of nutrients & pesticides used in all stages
  • Annual pesticide tests
  • Harvest dates for the past 6 months and next 6 months

And require the following;

  • Your own Kush Marketplace account
  • Clean payment history with Kush Marketplace, and Credit Card on file
  • Minimum of $30K sales or 5 deals closed
The Benefits

We want buyers to make you offers without thinking twice. We hope to standardize terms like ‘popcorn’ or ‘A grade’ and ensure that product is represented accurately. This alone should help close deals, and we’ll already have everything needed to expedite most of the closing the procedures for a quick sale start to finish.

More offers leads to higher offers. At the end of the day, if your hoping to get the most money for your cannabis, this program is a must.

Get Signed Up

We already have dozens of vendors qualified, but won’t be officially starting the program for a few weeks. We hope to have this program rolled out and tested before the October harvest! If your interested in getting certified as a preferred vendor, shoot an email to mj@kushmarketplace.com, or give Mike a call at 206-900-1801.

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