Wholesale Returns & Rejections (WA)

By now everybody has dealt with returns and rejections in I502. It can get messy, but as long as fair practices are followed there is a place for fair rejections and returns. In short, try to reject complete lots upon delivery, if you do need to arrange a return try to within 3 days and explain why with pictures or video.

Reject Upon Delivery

I know 3rd party delivery companies can be in a rush, but sometimes the best way to avoid a heated return is to reject upon delivery. Be upfront as a deal starts forming and let the seller know that if the product isn’t up to snuff, a rejection is possible. Once you have the product in-hand, take your time! Weigh out lots, and personally expect each lot/strain before accepting the product into your inventory, especially if this is a new farm you’re working with.

If you find a lot or strain that doesn’t meet expectation, reject the full lot, and have the delivery service return the product. Rejections can be frustrating for a seller, and delivery service, but it’s the best safeguard for buyers making purchases based on pictures or even spoken word.

Reasonable Return Window

There are many cases where buyers will accept product upon delivery, but then be disappointed when processing / packaging begins. Once the window for rejection has passed, your options as a buyer are limited. If there’s nothing wrong with the material, such as non-approved pesticides, or mold issues, then the seller doesn’t have to credit a return.

Seller Concerns for Returns

Sellers are very weary of returns. We’ve recently heard horror stories from the larger wholesale sellers about shady returns they’ve had in the past. When looking to return product, there are few guidelines to follow to ensure fair business practices.

‘A’ Picking – Imagine you’re selling bulk roughly trimmed flower. As part of your normal practices you pack 5lb lots with 60% big buds, and 40% smaller buds for consistency across lots. Since its not all ‘A’s your price is low and competitive. Now, if a buyer comes in and buys a bunch of lots, packages the 60% big buds, and then requests a return for the 40% smaller buds at full price credit this would be ‘A’ Picking! There could be examples where this makes sense, but avoid accusations by returning only complete lots as they were delivered.

Poor Storage & Handling – If you’ve sold some product to another farm and days or weeks later the buyer requests a return, you have no idea what to expect back! Poor handling and storage could have a drastic impact on the materials value. Beaten up ‘A’ buds turn into ‘B’s, and dry buds could go from flower to preroll grade material in a matter of days. What happens if mold has been found in flower you’ve been waiting to package for a week or two, was it always there, or did you poorly store the material? If you make your return within 3 days or sooner you should avoid this issue.

Bud Swapping & Traceability Issues – Bud swapping is possibly the worst case scenario. I’ve never seen it happen, but I’ve heard stories of returned material that wasn’t even from the farm that sold it. Everybody’s feeling the issues with our current traceability system and even doing fair returns can be tricky. There isn’t much to provide assurance that your return is the correct product, and traceability issues can easily arise if material was mixed up during the delivery, processing, and re-delivering. Another thing for sellers to worry about.


Both sides should probably take some of the blame in most return cases. The seller could have been more upfront about the product being delivered, and the buyer should have spotted and rejected bad lots upon the delivery. Here’s some recommendations from Kush;


Take pictures of the material as it sits, or how it will look when delivered. ‘A’ bud glamour shots are great for clicks, but for the deal to go smoothly as is photos are probably the best bet.
Be upfront if you don’t want to deal with returns. We don’t see it often, but if you want to sell something ‘As Is’ or with no returns you could. Take in consideration your competition may not have this clause and the price would have to be competitive.


Take pictures or video of the rejected material! It could be a shock to any proud farmer if big returns are coming. If you can take good pictures and explain why your rejecting product your much more likely to get a positive response. Only return complete lots, and sooner than later. If you can return a full lot within 48hrs there’s very little for a seller to worry about.

If you have any questions, let us know and we’ll reach out and see how we can help! You can always reach us at 206-587-5874.

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