If you are not already aware the California Bureau of Cannabis Control released the new adopted regulations governing cannabis business licensing several weeks ago ( https://cannabis.ca.gov/cannabis-regulations/ ). This means no more temporary interim rules are any longer in effect and no more temporary licenses will be granted or renewed. Go to the bureau site per the link provided above and read up on the new permanent rules.

Everyone who is continuing to operate will need a permanent license in place before their current temporary expires. If your temporary expires before your permanent is approved, you will need to cease operations until you receive approval.

Once again there are more regulations that have been added such as site security plan, video surveillance, alarm and ID badge requirements. You must also conform to the dreaded Track and Trace System ( https://cannabis.ca.gov/track-and-trace-system/ ) To get started on Track and Trace you must have turned in the application for your permanent license or have already received it.

Don’t put this off any longer if you have not already begun the permanent licensing process. There is no time to wait as the Bureau is going to be flooded paperwork and there are no guaranteed processing times.

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