Light Dep. Flower Soon To Arrive – Fluctuations in Marketplace Price Points


Light dep flower will hit the marketplace as soon as next week. This will mean an influx of freshly cured flower which will most likely lead to a dip in flower prices for lots that were harvested during the preceding year. These prices will most likely last for the next 4-10 weeks, presuming that farmers who grow under light dep. conditions will have multiple rounds being harvested and cured.

Take the case of Contender Gardens, a Tier 1 farm producing boutique flower for wholesale. Their 1st round of harvest is already tested and nearly finished within its curing process and ready for sale. The 2nd round is being cut now and will be finished curing after 21 days, and then the 3rd round of harvesting will be done in approximately 7 weeks or so.

“Price is based on quality, not how it’s grown – better, fresher flower, earlier in the year (compared to last year’s harvest) does generate a dip in market price.”

  • Casey, Contender Gardens

Out of each lot we can expect ⅔ of the lot being sold as flower and ⅓ being sold as trim, at marketplace price points, we can expect material to be priced at, $0.70-$1.25/g for flower and $0.20-$0.50/g for trim (this is for wholesale – retail prices will be higher). With the influx of light dep. flower, we could expect more attention to be allocated towards this material. We recommend that if you have deals lined up in the pipeline, to conclude them while there’s still time and to do your best to eliminate any old harvests that have been stored away before it seems outdated. Modifying prices is a surefire way of staying competitive, pushing for full lot buy-outs is also a good tactic.

Staying competitive will be essential because as Casey puts it,

“A superior product, if its great, will have a higher price point, as it should”.

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