A more Streamlined consumer friendly kush.com is coming soon, while all wholesale B2B sales will be moved to it’s own site. Here’s some details and how to get a head start on the new Kush.com

Direct To Consumer Sales Made Easy

Coming this Winter Kush.com gets a major upgrade for Consumer focused sales. Consumers will be able to shop on kush.com like any other site (think Amazon) with no distractions. Meanwhile we’ll be adding some crucial new features for sellers, like the ability to calculate tax & shipping costs, and utilize 3PL Drop Shipping partners for order fulfillment.

In other words, we’ll make Fulfilling Orders for Consumers Easier while also separating consumer products for better advertising across Google, Outbrain, and other marketing channels.. Lets reach the masses together!!

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If you don’t fill out this form, we’ll assume you only sell B2B, and not to consumers.. You may be left out when the site transitions to a more Consumer Friendly site

New Features In The Works

Not only are we creating a Consumer Focused Kush.com, but we’ll also be adding a ton of new features to the site that will save Sellers time and Money

1. 3rd Party Logistics Partnership – This Winter we will have available a ‘3PL’ drop shipping partner that can fulfil all your consumer orders. In short, you’ll ship your product in bulk to a warehouse where orders will be packed and shipped by the 3PL partner. This is how Amazon Prime works, and we think it would benefit a ton of Hemp Sellers! No more dealing with small consumer orders and the shipping, just watch your sales and collect your money.

2. Shipping Integrations – With a built in integration to systems like ‘Shipstation’ we’ll be able to make shipping and tracking orders easier than ever! As an order comes in through kush.com, ideally you’ll be able to automatically calculate shipping costs (added to purchase price), and print your shipping labels directly from kush.com.

3. Sales Tax Integrations – With a built in Sales Tax integration you’ll be able to add and manage any taxes to your product listings.. making things much easier at the end of the year.

4. Product Variants – Soon you’ll be able to create one product listing, and then create multiple variants (like Strain, Flavor, Size, Potency, ext) under the one listing. Closer to the Amazon shopping experience with consumers in mind.

Questions? Complaints? Suggestions? 

Write us anytime at info@kush.com and Help Us Grow!