Kush.com Update: New Products Manager, Certifications, & Advertising Opportunities!

The New Kush.com is Here!

We’ve aimed to create a more streamlined consumer friendly kush.com that allows sellers to market themselves directly to consumers (without all the b2b distractions).. Check out the new Consumer Friendly kush.com now! (visit incognito to view if you’re already registered as a business)

Shop a ton of great Kush Certified products with easy checkout, reliable shipping and a cleaner consumer experience.

Along with this massive update to the face of kush.com, retail & supply chain B2B transactions will be seeing a renewed focus and major upgrades throughout the Fall.

The first round of updates included upgrades to the My Products Page. Now on the My Products Manager, you’ll notice charts showing your selling opportunities over time. Additionally, the page has more functionality like Batch Editing and Updating products.

Selling With Kush.com


Fill out this Quick Form to submit your brand for the Kush Certification program (required for the Consumer friendly kush.com)

Kush Certification Application

From there if you’re products qualify we’ll go over the next steps, required costs, and everything you need to get started. Kush Certified is more than just a certification.. it also opens up opportunities like Distribution, D2C sales, & even Live Events


At Kush.com we have a long standing B2B marketplace where thousands of businesses have posted their legal hemp products for our network of over 180,000 contacts in the Hemp & Cannabis industry!

To sell on the B2B marketplace is simple: get validated as a business by completing all the business information on your account, then start a Membership. We recommend the Premium Membership ($99/mo or $999/yr) for most sellers, but if you’re looking to make larger wholesale deals the Basic might work for you too. With the basic you’ll only pay $15/mo, but there will be additional markups and fees for introductions.. See the full details, and signup at; Kush.com/memberships


In 2022, Kush.com was fortunate to bring on John Lynch as our new CEO. His experience with Coca-Cola and Sam Adams has opened up many doors that were previously closed to this industry. In partnership with multiple Anheuser-Busch distributors along with others Kush.com is executing on the task of building nationwide distribution for cannabinoid infused products at scale! 


Early success with these partnerships has created new entry points for the market in Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, Grocery Chains, Bars, Restaurants, Gyms, Hotels, ext. As an industry we must meet consumers where they shop. Partnerships with mainstream distributors is paramount to the success of this channel.

In support of these partnerships wholesale.kush.com serves as a one stop shop to supply mainstream retailers nationally. Brands with a Premium Annual Membership and qualified products can apply to participate. Click Here for more information.

Pay Per Click Advertising Now Available on Kush.com

Looking to drive traffic to your own sites? Now kush.com offers multiple advertising spaces under the NEW Pay For Click advertising campaigns!

Our Banner ads (example above) have been widely popular, at some times being reserved for months in advance! Now to open up our space to more sellers, we’ve made the change to a Pay Per Click advertising model.

Now, instead of purchasing the space for a specific time frame, you’ll be able to set an advertising budget that is based on the actual number of clicks you’ve earned.

Interested? Soon options will become available within the Product Manager, but for now write us at info@kush.com to go over the current options and availability!

Questions? Complaints? Suggestions? 

Write to us anytime at info@kush.com 


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