A more streamlined consumer friendly kush.com is coming in a few short weeks! Along with this coming update, retail & supply chain B2B transactions will be seeing a renewed focus and major upgrades. Here’s some details and how to get a head start on the new Kush.com:

The New kush.com Family (3 CHANNELS, ONE PLATFORM!)


In the next month Kush.com will see a major update and release for Consumer focused sales. Kush.com is bringing the ease of mainstream consumer sites (think Amazon) with no distractions, easy checkout, and convenient shipping. This segmentation of consumers enables a more focused experience and allows us to target shoppers with more accuracy through Google, Outbrain, and other marketing channels. 

One of the biggest features launching with this update is our new service, Fulfilled by Kush, a 3rd party logistics service built to fulfill business to business and direct to consumer orders so you never have to pack boxes again. You ship pallets, we ship boxes! Additionally you can look forward to other new features for sellers such as the ability to calculate state & local sales tax as well as shipping costs.

Join us in our mission to grow Consumer Demand with the ease and convenience consumers expect. Let’s reach the masses together!


In 2022, Kush.com was fortunate to bring on John Lynch as our new CEO. His experience with Coca-Cola and Sam Adams has opened up many doors that were previously closed to this industry. In partnership with multiple Anheuser-Busch distributors along with others Kush.com is executing on the task of building nationwide distribution for cannabinoid infused products at scale!

Early success with these partnerships has created new entry points for the market in Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, Grocery Chains, Bars, Restaurants, Gyms, Hotels and many others. As an industry we must meet consumers where they shop. Partnerships with mainstream distributors is paramount to the success of this channel.

In support of these partnerships wholesale.kush.com serves as a one stop shop to supply mainstream retailers nationally. Brands with a Premium Annual Membership and qualified products can apply to participate. Click Here for more information.

SUPPLY CHAIN PORTAL - The Classic B2B Marketplace

In 2017 we launched Kush.com as a supply chain marketplace. Today it is thriving with hundreds of suppliers and over 50,000 Registered users focusing on B2B supply chain sales. This is a core network of the top suppliers around the country enabling brands of all sizes to find the right suppliers at a competitive price. Every month we see tens of thousands in sales of raw materials from distillate and crude concentrates all the way to seed stock.

Our supply chain services will remain the same but with some crucial upgrades. We are adding more value to every level of paid membership on Kush.com. In other words, no matter what level you are using the platform at, you can expect a big upgrade for no additional cost.

On the new Supply Chain Portal you can to post inventory for sale and only verified hemp businesses from around the United States will be able to make an offer or purchase. The new portal will also allow for multiple payment processing options, lower fees, sales tax integrations, and shipping integrations with services like Shipstation & 3rd Party Logistics.

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Upgrades to Existing Memberships

If you are already a supplier on Kush.com and have an ongoing membership, there are many things to be excited about! In addition to the current features you know and love we want to make it clear that the prices are not changing. In fact, with the new update each membership is getting an upgrade:

Basic Membership ($15/mo) – For the first time DirectPay will be available for Basic members to connect a Square account for easy payment processing with even more payment processing options will be available soon..

Premium Monthly ($99/mo) – Existing Premium members will now have access to new Premium Features like additional Payment Processing options, Shipping Integrations, & Sales Tax integrations. Additionally Kush.com DirectPay processing fees are being lowered!

Premium Annual ($999/yr) – Along with the new features available for Premium Monthly Members, Annual members will also be able to apply for Consumer Product Listings on the new consumer facing kush.com, utilize 3RD PARTY LOGISTICS, and apply for mainstream distribution channels along with access to wholesale.kush.com

New Features:

Not only are we creating new segments and portals such as wholesale.kush.com, but we are also adding a ton of new features to the entire Kush family that will save vendors time and money.

1. 3rd Party Logistics Partnership – Launching next month Fulfilled by Kush can service all consumer orders. In short, you’ll ship your product in bulk to a warehouse where orders will be packed and shipped by our 3PL service similar to Amazon Prime. No more dealing with small consumer orders and the hassle of shipping, just watch your sales and collect your money.

2. Shipping Integrations – With a built in integration to systems like ‘Shipstation’ you will be able to manage shipping and tracking orders easier than ever! As an order comes in through kush.com, the platform will automatically calculate shipping costs and allow you to print your shipping labels directly from Kush.com.

3. Sales Tax Integrations – With a built in Sales Tax integration you’ll be able to add and manage any taxes to your product listings. Your accounting team will finally be able to focus on business growth rather than managing tax liabilities. 

4. Product Variations – Manage one product listing with multiple variations (like Strain, Flavor, Size, Potency, ext) all in one place. This new update will allow loser to the Amazon shopping experience with consumers in mind.

5. Kush Certified – The New KUSH CERTIFIED program is the best way to verify your products are safe, high quality, and reliable. Third-Party Tested, Randomly Sampled, & Impartially Verified..



Questions? Complaints? Suggestions? 

Write to us anytime at info@kush.com and Let’s Grow Together!