State of the Legal Cannabis Market Following Fall Harvest:

A Kush Marketplace Analysis of Washington State’s Wholesale Cannabis Market Following the Fall 2018 Harvest

Following the 2018 harvest, it is time to review and learn from the exclusive data Kush Marketplace has collected. Reporting on average prices on everything from distillate to flower, Kush Marketplace puts the data you need within reach.

Looking back on last summer, how have fair market values fluxed around the recent harvest?

Since October, concentrate prices have fluctuated but are still selling at expected rates. Retail ready dabs on the Wholesale Marketplace sell as high as the $4 per gram, while the average is under $3 per gram.

Distillate prices depend on test results with low to mid 80% THC lots selling around $5 per gram. Super high testing THC lots are selling as high as $7 per gram or more.

Turning to flower, prices since October have remained mostly average. Overall the market experienced a decline, but due to high demand on the marketplace many businesses did not feel the effects.

Prices on Kush Marketplace remained strong throughout the season. The largest price drop following harvest hit greenhouse farms the hardest. Many greenhouses grow high quality flower, but a flooded market can cause buyers to look elsewhere. This is exactly what Kush Marketplace saw when the market was flooded with Light Dep and Outdoor product following harvest.

It is important to note that this chart does not take account of trim and testing status. Bag-ready, tested and trimmed flower are expected to be on the higher end, around $0.05 โ€“ $0.20 per gram higher than listed. The same can be said for untested and untrimmed flower. These lots might fetch $0.10+ per gram less than the marketplace average shown.

Flower purchased for extraction is selling for $0.16 per gram less, on average, than flower for retail. Looking ahead to Spring, these numbers help outdoor farms forecast this business. Head to Kush Marketplace to see current prices now.

Avg Prices: July 2018 to Jan. 2019

Indoor grown flower is decreasing steadily in price. Lets look back on how the recent harvest affected this sector of the industry.

While it might not be clear why it is happening, there was a major shift in indoor flower starting in October. Before Harvest, prices had been steadily declining. Prices reached an all-time low price of $0.93 per gram in September. While this includes untrimmed and untested flower, the upward shift in October was a clear indicator.

From September to November, the average price of indoor flower jumped about $0.30 per gram. It is unclear if this was due to sellers withholding product during the harvest, or if buyers were willing to pay more for quality flower.

To get a more accurate reflection of the market, we included Light-Dep and Greenhouse flower together. As you would expect, in July Light-Dep flower wasn’t selling. Instead, the majority of sales during the summer was from Greenhouse flower. As with the indoor flower, Greenhouse steadily declined until harvest. In September, an injection of fresh Light-Dep flower was introduced to the market. Light-Dep is generally lower value than Greenhouse product, but as the market stabilized the average price settled around $0.60 โ€“ $0.65 per gram.

Flower hit all-time lows in September when most of the available product was close to one year old. Surprisingly, the market didnโ€™t see a massive spike in price until November. This could be due to a number of factors such as test and trim status. Another reason could be that most buyers during harvest were seeking large quantities for discount prices.
There was no significant differnce in the price of outdoor flower from September to December. During that period, prices increased around $0.10 per gram.

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