Track Peter Schmidt’s Mission Into The Emerald Triangle

In exactly 7 days Peter departs on a journey of epic proportions.

He will be exploring the Humboldt County region tracking down the illusive cannabis strongholds of Northern California. On his hunt for the stickiest of the icky, he will be challenged with feelings of fear & excitement while traveling down the dirt roads of the rebel holdout known as the Emerald Triangle.

Although the humble farmers in this region represent the purest form of patriotism, there’s a palatable sense of skepticism and contempt for outsiders. For many years they have been in a battle for freedom with the government empire known for their lies and prosecution of their neighbors. Few have been left unscathed from the +40 year war on drugs. Fortunately, a recent turn of events brought forth by the people of the great state of California has provided a safe haven for them to operate and grow in peace.

Unfortunately, years of crackdowns from the same government regulators who provide this safe haven has left an incredible scar between the communities who are now challenged to work together. During Peter’s journey, he will have to navigate through a maze of traps & misdirection in his search for the promised land. This mission won’t be easy and that’s why we’ve sent a master navigator and seasoned cannabis negotiator to venture into the land of low cell signal.

Over the past 6 weeks, Peter has undergone a serious Kush Marketplace training regimen. His customized training schedule started at 5am on the roads of the Olympic peninsula where he would need to travel from the town of Squim all the way to Seattle to start his day. After one sip of coffee, it was on to phone calls where he was required to play a common industry game known as “Are You Lying to Me” for 8 hours straight. During the game, he would constantly be distracted by contracts, internet connectivity issues, desk relocation, office politics, team meetings, & BBQ.

Based on the success of a quick scouting mission, we believe this 6-week training regimen has prepared him for a full-blown mission in search for the green gold. During his trip, he will need to rely on the cosmos for navigation & stick strictly to smoke signals for communication. We wish him luck on a mission few have dared.

Our only way of tracking his mission is through SMS Alerts that will be sent out via the proprietary Kush Marketplace platform. This will not be available to the public, but it will be available to a select few users who have made it through our stringent user validation process on the Kush Marketplace website. You can apply for validation here if you think you’re worthy.

Once you’re on the platform, you will need to change a couple of settings within your account. First, you will need to visit your buyer dashboard and create a buyer request for each product type you’re interested in. Before you click submit, make sure to put in your phone number to receive SMS updates. At this point, you’ll start receiving updates of products that match your set criteria. we’re going to rely on these for secret messages from Peter. The only way we’ll know it’s him is if there’s a “-p” in the title of the product. The message will be encoded in the product description.

Over the next 7 days Peter, a bravely trained Kush Explorer, will enter into the final preparation phase for this incredible mission. We will operate a team of 16 to support peter from Seattle as Mission Control. Stay tuned for updates.



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