Mushrooms for Health- The 5 most important things you need to know

The latest buzz word in the health food industry is none other than our fungi friend, mushrooms. Most people hear of mushrooms and think of magic or psychedelic mushrooms- meaning, the kind that provide psychedelic effects and an altered state of perception. 

#1- Not all mushrooms are psychedelic! Many edible mushrooms are medicinal; they are functional and adaptogenic which means they improve our bodies overall functioning, stress management, and immune response without causing any psychedelic effects. These medicinal mushrooms are nutritional powerhouses with so many health benefits, so it’s time to welcome them into our diets, and our overall wellness routines. 

#2- There are so many health benefits that medicinal mushrooms offer. These mushrooms may 

● Provide immune support 

● Full of antioxidants 

● Support a healthy inflammation response 

● Help to balance blood sugar 

● Support brain health and cognition 

● Support the nervous system 

● Increase energy and stamina 

#3- Which types of mushrooms are best for improved health and wellness? Glad you asked. Here are 4 heroes of medicinal mushrooms that everyone should know about

● Lion’s Mane- supports healthy brain function & neurogenesis 

● Reishi- sleep aid and immunomodulation 

● Cordyceps- improves lung capacity and energy levels 

● Chaga- boosts digestion 

#4- Mushroom extracts are a great and easy way to incorporate these fun guys (ha!) into your life. Since these mushrooms can be difficult to find at a grocery store, the easiest thing to do is find a supplement that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Simply add them to your favorite smoothie, coffee, or tea, or take them straight from the dropper. Be sure they 

have no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and are made from only the best quality ingredients.

#5- Our favorite brand of extracts, Planta RxⓇ, offers 4 blends to choose from depending on what you are looking for: Immunity, Stress, Brain/Cognition, or Energy. Each one is a blend of multiple mushrooms so you are getting multiple benefits in one little bottle. Shop them here

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