Product Update: Buyer Dashboards

Many people have been wondering about our secret “dark horse” project over the last couple months. You may have noticed stricter product submission requirements and options for sales as a service. That’s because we have been working with the largest wholesale buyers in the state on a tool to meet their purchasing needs. After months of testing manually followed by a beta launch, we are finally pushing our newest feature to everyone on the marketplace, Buyer Dashboards!

We imagine a world where farms can quickly find liquidity for their entire inventory with feedback on prices based current industry demand. Call it the Zillow of Cannabis or the wholesale commodities exchange of weed, but with insights on why your product hasn’t sold or what you could do to sell more.

Buyer dashboards empower buyers to find every product that matches their buying criteria with the click of a button. It also allows them to manage alerts letting them know when new inventory at certain ranges of quality and price are available. This is the first product in a whole suite of tools built specifically for sourcing.

Over the next couple months we will be expanding the dashboards to streamline decision making, as well as launching an efficiency toolbox to help improve the sales process between all buyers and sellers. These tools will allow buyers know all current market options, prices, and availability as well as give the ability to manage all potential and confirmed orders.

Additionally, we have begun work on our seller feedback tools, and soon they will use data insights and machine learning to recommend prices. These tools can help sellers balance the volume of sales with the price.

We have seeded our marketplace with millions of dollars in inventory from hundreds of farms. If we don’t have something that matches a buyers purchasing criteria, it might not exist in the market. Also, if it’s a reasonable request that has no matches, we will personally hunt for it ourselves because we aim to build the largest exchange of cannabis products on the planet.

Things are changing at the Kush Marketplace. We closed our seed round of funding from investors all over the world including a large number out of Silicon Valley. We plan on using that capital to help this industry thrive by providing the tools necessary for producers, processors, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers to succeed! Oh and get ready California, we’re coming for you next.

Get started by updating your inventory in your product manager to match buyers or by creating your first buyer request!

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