Recent Bug Means Boost In Supply

We recently sent a newsletter with a link to the wrong post. Click here to read about the do’s and don’ts of posting a product.

We’ve been moving fast here at the Kush Marketplace pushing out new features and updates to better support sales this fall. Recently we’ve made changes in new user registration, and we found a bug!

Most of you are farmers, and familiar with bugs, but this one is different. We found a large number of products that were uploaded by recently validated users, and not showing on our product page. This is huge! First of all, we’re very sorry to the sellers that have posted these products, we’ll put focus on your posts and try to get sales moving this week.  And second, this means we are kicking off the month with a bang of supply.

Expect to see a bunch of new ads up this week on all sides of the site. If your a seller and your products get pushed down too far just hit the ‘repost’ button, and if your a buyer, don’t be afraid to scroll through a few pages because everything should be fairly fresh.

If you have any questions, let us know! You can always reach us at 206-587-5874.

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