S.420 The Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act.

Once again, Oregon is fighting the good fight out there for Marijuana Reform.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) introduced a three-bill proposal last week to the Senate. Here is a brief rundown of what the new legislation entails. Be sure to click the links for the full text of the bills.

  • The Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act (S.420)
  • Responsibly Addressing the Marijuana Policy Gap Act (S.421)
  • The Small Business Tax Equity Act (S.422)

“S. 420 may get some laughs, but what matters most is that it will get people talking about the serious need to end failed prohibition,”

– Ron Wyden (D-OR) via Forbes

S.420 The Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act – Will de-schedule marijuana from the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). There will be an imposing tax upon marijuana and it will be regulated just like tobacco and alcohol.

Read the full legislative text here.

S.421 Responsibly Addressing the Marijuana Policy Gap Act – Will shorten the gap between Federal and state laws by removing criminal penalties with businesses complying with state law and also ensuring access to banking and other financial protections. The bill will also remove barriers for Veterans so that they may access medical marijuana.

Read the full legislative text here.

S.422 The Small Business Tax Equity Act – Will give small businesses a fighting chance and be treated and taxed just like a regular business.

Read the full legislative text here.

Hopefully, with this addition of legislation, we see cannabis being federally legal.

Not too long ago, Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) announced in a press release, that an important new bill has been filed which would finally put an end to cannabis prohibition. In homage to marijuana enthusiasts everywhere, Lawmakers have reserved the number H.R. 420 (which puts a smile on many faces).

While the bill number may be a bit tongue in cheek, the issue is very serious. Our federal marijuana laws are outdated, out of touch and have negatively impacted countless lives,” Blumenauer said via Forbes.com

Congressman Blumenauer also stated, “The Cannabis Caucus was the first of its kind to create a forum for elected officials to collaborate on ways to address our outdated federal marijuana laws…Congress is clearly out of step with the American people on cannabis when national support for federal marijuana legalization is at an all-time high and we saw several states move toward legalization last November.

If passed, The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act will finally eliminate cannabis as a controlled substance. This is just one of the many steps Congressman Blumenauer has taken toward Cannabis reform.

This past year, with the House being taken over by Democrats in the recent elections. Blumenauer had also released a step-by-step plan to legalize marijuana in 2019. With democracts on his side, we could possibly see the start of total cannabis reform.

Even if we don’t see movement on a federal level the next two years looks promising as more and more states are beginning to realize the significance of Cannabis and what it can bring.









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