Sellers Beware: Untested Concentrates

On the Kush Marketplace we see hundreds of products posted every month. We commonly see untested concentrates (especially crude BHO & CO2 oils) posted, but did you know it’s not legal to sell untested concentrates wholesale? We’ve been reaching out, and there are many producer/processors that were unaware of the fairly recent rule changes..

As Per WAC 314-55-102

(3) No lot of usable flower, batch of marijuana concentrate, or batch of marijuana-infused product may be sold or transported until the completion and successful passage of quality assurance testing as required in this section, except:
(a) Business entities with multiple locations licensed under the same UBI number may transfer marijuana products between the licensed locations under the same UBI number prior to quality assurance testing; and
(b) Licensees may wholesale and transfer batches or lots of flower and other material that will be extracted and marijuana mix and nonsolvent extracts for the purposes of further extraction prior to completing required quality assurance testing. Licensees may wholesale and transfer failed lots or batches to be extracted pursuant to subsection (5) of this section.

What You Need To Know

According the the required quality assurance standards, any solvent based concentrate will need to pass the following tests before being sold wholesale:

1. Potency analysis
2. Microbiological screening* (food grade solvents only)
3. Mycotoxin screening*
4. Residual solvent test
*Field of testing is only required if using lots of marijuana flower and other plant material that has not passed QA testing.

Kush Can Help

Many of you are well aware of these rules, but there are Producer / Processors that end up with untested concentrates like crude oil, or untested material from split deals. We’ve been working on building a relationship with Confidence Analytics and we’re happy to facilitate testing. We’ll be reaching out to any users that currently have untested product posted just trying to educate and offer help.

If you need any help, or have any questions feel free to reach out. We have many growers and experienced farm owners on staff, we can definitely help. Reach out over the site, at or give us a call at 206-587-5874.

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