Should you Kief your Whole Harvest?

Recently, a farm posed this question. Here’s my take:

I would avoid this. It could be done, but it’s a big risk.

If you really want to do it though, I recommending having multiple buyer relationships developed before making the decision to kief your whole harvest. That way you can have open conversations about their exact purchasing criteria.

You can build more relationships other than these by creating a product on the marketplace outlining what you intend to do. I would hope you would get a couple of hits because you are correct, kief is easier to work with.

The problem is that you need to test all of your kief before you sell it. Kief rarely if ever gets sold without test results associated with it.

I know of a couple farms that have sold their entire harvest from last year, but still have $30K in kief left that they can’t / haven’t been able to sell…

Also, kief at 30%-40% is worth a lot less than kief at 40-60%

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