The Gummies are Safe…

Rejoice, fellow edible connoisseurs, cannabis-infused candies are here to stay in Washington! Kush Marketplace couldn’t be happier. 

“The state of Washington will instead require pot companies to avoid bright colors, working instead with a “standard Pantone color book that sets the list of colors and specified ranges within those colors” for both product and packaging. There will also be limits on the shapes, with exceptions for things like non-profit collaborations or naturally-occurring colors.” 



Kush Marketplace had a chance to talk with Vicki Christophersen from The Cannabis Alliance, about the recent developments. In our conversation, we talked about the events leading up to the recent changes and moving forward.

“We have been back and forth with the LBC on this subject for some time. We wanted a more reasonable approach to the about the edible ban. We are expecting a decision tomorrow.”

Vicky Christophersen: The Cannabis Alliance

In the past couple of months, the WA LCB has been back and forth with their ban on edibles in Washington. Finally earlier this month they have released a number of memos outlining the regulation and policies, soon to be set in place. KOMO News wrote, “During that time, retailers would have nine months to sell off existing inventory. Anything remaining after that time (assuming it’s not expired and meets the new rules) should be allowed to be re-labeled and re-sold.” With that being said, this could possibly be a great time to pick up some edibles. 

The state has yet to make a formal announcement about the new regulations. Multiple sources stated that Brian Smith (Liquor and Cannabis Board spokesperson), said that the LCB is waiting until the board has approved the new regulations to make a formal announcement.  

California’s New Regulations 

The BCC has released their final proposed regulations outlining how business will be conducted in the legal cannabis industry. According to the proposed regulations, track-and-trace systems will be mandatory for any license holder operating in the legal cannabis landscape.

Another regulation will require re-testing on older material from the pre-2018 days. If you are still processing product that has not been tested for over a year, it will require a new certificate of analysis if it has not been transferred to retail before the proposed regulations take effect. 

Feel free to read the full blog on California’s new regulations HERE.

Global Cannabis News

In other news, Marlboro is officially dipping its’ hands into cannabis with a $1.8 billion buy in.

“Marlboro maker Altria Group Inc. is taking a 45 percent stake in Cronos Group, the Canadian medical and recreational marijuana provider…the agreement includes a warrant to acquire additional shares over the next four years that could give the Altria, which is based in Richmond, Virginia, a 55 percent ownership stake in the Toronto company” 

Seattle Times.

What does this mean for the future of Cannabis? Could we start seeing Marlboro take over the commercial market in Canada? What will happen if Big Corporations start getting involved with the hemp side of the industry?

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