The HempList #10: CBG Farming with Boswell Farms

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In Summary

Cindy Brown from Boswell Farms joins us on The HempList, Interviewed by Chase Nobles the founder of Cindy comes from running a successful marketing business to farming CBG Hemp in Iowa. She not only tells her story, but provides a ton of education on CBG, and how it’s different than other cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Here’s a quick clip about how Cindy says Hemp could smaller farmers in a world dominated by ‘Big Ag’;

In this next clip Chase starts asking for some specifics about CBG and why it’s considered the ‘Mother of all Cannabinoids’;

This episode not only tells Boswell Farm’s story, but might teach you something about CBG. Check out the full length interviews on Spotify or YouTube and subscribe for more interviews each week. For more information about Kush or B2B transactions just get signed up at

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