The HempList #2: Hemp Brand Building with Big Pete & Ara CBD

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In Summary

In this episode of The HempList Chase welcomes Big Pete from Ara CBD, a long time cannabis and hemp entrepreneur. Big Pete specializes in building brands and products from scratch and has a long history of launching hemp products.

In the start of the podcast, Chase asks about Big Pete’s history in California Cannabis and how he learned the ropes around cannabis and hemp products. Eventually they get into hemp prices and how the market is currently functioning. Big Pete explains how the best hemp companies are treating hemp like a commodity to stabilize prices and bring a better product to the end consumer. Check out this short clip for Big Pete’s opinion on prices and Hemp as a Commodity:

Finally as the interview comes to a close Big Pete opens up on Cannabinoids and what he feels about ‘Minor Cannabinoids’ like CBG, CBN, ext.. Don’t miss this short clip about how Terpenes could be a better choice than some Minor Cannabinoids:

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