The HempList #26: Working With Hemp Fiber & Growing Hemp in Nevada w/ Western States Hemp

Here’s a quick wrap up of the episode, and some links where you can watch the full length interview..

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In Summary

Adrienne Snow & Joe Frey, Founders of Western States Hemp, join us on the HempList this week. Hosted By Chase Nobles, Founder of

Western States Hemp has a great story from the last year or two about growing Hemp in Nevada, sourcing hemp seed from Europe, growing Hemp Fiber versus Flower, and even opening discussions up with larger industrial processors in the Paper & Plastics space! They also go into how their growing practice is closer to a Traditional Agriculture approach versus some of the more hands on growing needed for CBD Flower.

Here’s some clips that explain why they decided to grow Fiber, and what they think about the large number of farms that went out of business in 2020;

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