The HempList #29: Cannabinoid Science, Nano Emulsification, & More w/ Nanopure Technologies

Here’s a quick wrap up of the episode, and some links where you can watch the full length interview..

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In Summary

Mahesh Talwar of Nanopure Technologies & Yogi brands, joins us on the HempList this week. Hosted By Chase Nobles, Founder of

Mahesh comes from a Chemical Engineering background and knows his science! Chase askes him to explain some of the thought behind his products as well as dive into the science behind cannabinoids, water soluble, Nano Emulsification, and more! This a great podcast to catch if your looking to stay up to date on the cutting edge of the Hemp Industry..

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And here’s some shorter clips about the science behind Nano Emulsification, and how Mahesh got into the Hemp Industry;

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