The HempList #32: Texas Hemp w/ Jeromy & Ben of Bayou City Hemp

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In Summary

Jeromy Sherman & Ben Meggs, Co-Founders of Bayou City Hemp Company, joins us on the HempList this week. Hosted By Chase Nobles, Founder of

Bayou City Hemp is some of the leaders in the emerging Texas Hemp industry. This interview dives into all topics Texas Hemp including; smokeable flower regulations, the potential of Texan Farms, the Texas Hemp Convention, and more. To wrap things up, Bayou City Hemp has a wide range of products available on their own website & Hear how Jeromy & Ben are striving to be leaders in the space by creating quality products that carry some good certifications and science behind them.

Transcript (auto-generated)

is texas going to be where most of the
hemp comes from in the country
what do you all expect in the texas
market over the next three to five years
i i do believe we’ll be one of the
uh agricultural and hemp uh growing
in the united states uh as far
as far as texas i mean we’re uh if not
first we’re second in agricultural
in in the country number one um you know
land mass there’s other farmers out
there looking at the hemp industry
that are interested in it but probably
scared of going good question
wow yeah so how does a small farmer
an amazing community here in our small
town we’re you know the largest players
in the wine industry
hey everybody chase nobles here founder
over at i’ve got
ben meigs and jeremy sherman from bayou
city hemp
on the show today how are you guys doing
over there fantastic chase thanks so
much yeah we’re done
of course thanks for having us i’m i’m
excited about the i’m excited about that
we have the texas hemp convention coming
up in dallas our first live show
since covet hit y’all are gonna be there
but y’all are right there in the heart
of texas in houston that’s
big it’s the biggest city isn’t it in
texas houston is
it is it is i think we’re the fourth
largest city in the country
wow especially square uh square miles
because houston’s just spread out every
time i’ve been there it’s it takes an
hour to get across the town
yeah it’s there could be some traffic
right on okay so let’s jump right into
it texas hemp
last year when we did the texas hemp
convention and uh about a year ago now
i was in january of 2020 a lot of things
were changing in him
and we had some state legislators at the
show you know
a lot of the farmers didn’t have you
know the right permits quite yet they
didn’t even know if they were going to
be able to plant it was kind of a mess
and uh is has that mess been cleaned up
and where
where’s the what’s the state of the
industry there in texas right now
yeah um yeah that’s that’s that’s a
great point uh chase
last year when when we saw you down in
dallas it was
uh we were just now i think launching
1325 which is our
um regulatory uh statute here in the
state of texas
um it’s it’s in um you know it’s
it’s on a it’s on a full-blown uh uh
go uh here in texas and um
we uh everything was a was a good uh
r d year this year for texas farmers so
uh to answer your question absolutely
we’re moving forward
and uh it’s been a learning year but uh
legislatively everything is
is much further along than what it was
last year obviously
right i i remember a lot of farmers were
wanted to plant but didn’t think that
they were going to be able to
because of the timing of the licenses
that did you all run into that issue too
the timing was tough uh no doubt i mean
obviously all the farmers would have
loved to have
had their crops uh in the ground sooner
but i still think given we got it in
late there were still quite a few
successful growths
um absolutely ben we uh you know
like i said last year was really a r d
year for the texas farmer but
next year i looked for um
you know a lot more permits and a lot
more acreage grown
potentially here um we did get in late
but uh overall it was a it was a success
last year i do believe
and i think i think this year what what
it showed us is that
it can be done here and i i think from
our point of view we just can’t wait
till the genetics catch up with
with the climate here and uh really
excited to see what gets planted this
as that comes along because as jeremy
said 2020 was really an r d year
and i think everyone learned a lot and i
think we’re going to be better because
of it
in 2021 all right now we’re talking
texas one of the largest states in the
country for a long time
oregon has kind of run the show
they have a lot of the history on the
cannabis side but texas brings
old school farming to the table what
sets texas apart is texas going to be
where most of the hemp comes from in the
what do you all expect in the texas
market over the next three to five years
yeah um i i do believe we’ll be one of
the largest
uh agricultural and hemp uh growing
states in the
united states uh as far as far as texas
i mean we’re
uh if not first we’re second in
agricultural commodities
in in the country number one um you know
land mass probably plays a lot into that
uh we have a lot of wide open space a
lot of uh
a lot of commodities are grown here but
yes i do believe the next three to five
we will be one of the top producers in
the state
yeah and i would add it’s not only from
a farming standpoint i mean
look at the you know i guess look at the
people moving to texas in general
i mean it’s a mass movement
people want to be in texas and that
really benefits us and we’ve been able
to get some incredible hires
from other states that have really
really great experience
um and and you know we’ve built our
company around that
um and and i would also say that it’s
not limited to farming
i think texas is going to be a very big
in all aspects of hemp cannon you know
marijuana cbd all of it i think it’s
going to be a huge market here
when the time comes i i agree with you
all completely you know we looked at the
we looked at every state in the country
to try to decide where we would want to
do a show
um next because we had the oregon him
convention you know we run local shows
up here in washington or we used to
figuring everything out after covet has
been a handful
but texas just seemed so timely
with the people the culture
and the opportunity of the texas market
there’s a lot of people there and a lot
of people
and the big thing with with a limited or
no access to thc
products and so hemp just seemed like
such a
right market for consumers now what
you mentioned a lot of people have been
moving to texas lately especially from
the west coast
and a lot of that has to do with taxes
and regulation
and all kinds of other messes that that
that they’re that they’re escaping
in order to live in a place with uh um
maybe a little uh lighter regulations
regarding taxes and everything else
right and so
what have the regulations been like for
hemp businesses
are we talking total thc are we talking
just delta nine
what is the consumption policies are is
smokable flower
a big category or is that dead you know
there’s a lot of things that have
changed in texas and
most people have no idea what’s going on
down there but i’m sure y’all are on the
on the beat of it because uh jeremy it
sounds like you’re on the
uh pres you’re the president of the let
me read this here president of the texas
hemp coalition
and a member of the texas hemp industry
hold on and a member of the texas hemp
industrial council appointed by the ag
commissioner of the state of texas what
does that mean and what are the
right now yeah absolutely it was an
honor to be
number one to be on on both of those
boards the
texas industrial hemp council was put on
by sid miller
um and we we helped shape the
in the state at least gave our input on
what we thought would uh
would help the farmers and the potential
consumers and then
and sid miller who is that sid was at
our show last year
i believe sure yes sid uh is the texas
ag commissioner
okay right a big proponent of him
um and so yeah i was honored to be on
that board and be in the room
as some of the regulations were
discussed and and put in place and then
now i’m on the president of the texas
hemp coalition which uh we’re an
advocacy group
just trying to get our message across to
legislators etc on
uh all the positive aspects of that hemp
is bringing
not only in texas but nationally but as
far as the regulations go
yeah i mean texas again is usually a
state where we’re
light on regulations that’s why a lot
like you said a lot of people from the
west coast have moved
uh you know no state taxes things like
um on the hip side it
uh it it’s a delta nine state
but you know overall we haven’t had a
lot of crop that’s
that’s been destroyed uh everything has
really been pretty compliant
and then on the consumer side
on the smokable hip side as you discuss
that’s that’s kind of a different animal
there’s some uh regulatory issues right
now it’s it’s still
um i think march 23rd then that’s march
yeah march 23rd i think chase is is when
there’s going to be a
the next hearing on whether smokable
hemp is going to be allowed in the state
but what we can say is smokable hemp is
a very very big part of the
hemp economy in texas it
is i mean these shop owners i mean you
know early on we were
we always believed that texas was going
to hold the key
to the cannabis market in general
certainly in the south
hopefully country wide but because of
you know we we wanted to be first movers
here and
because we were first movers we were
very very tied in
legislatively and regulatory we split we
put a lot of effort and time
into spent you know i mean being in
being a part of these conversations
trying to shape
um the regulations that were coming out
and that’s why jeremy is a part of these
coalitions and councils because we knew
it was so important
um but what i can tell you is that
it smokeable is going to be a big piece
of it it is i mean
it almost has to be in in my opinion
you look at it from an economic
you can take him you can extract it like
y’all do you can you know put it you
create all these amazing finished goods
but you can also harvest him dry it
and then sell that as a finished good
that’s exactly right
and you can get this product into the
consumer’s hands
at such a lower cost of goods sold than
all of the packaging and all
everything that goes into making a
lotion a cream a soft gel
or whatever and so if smokable flour
isn’t you know a viable option in texas
it’s it’s hurting the farmers the most
because that’s where
so much of the money comes from the
price stability has been there this year
and so it kind of frustrates me to think
that they’re going to potentially
um not allow that there in texas and
you know we don’t we don’t think that
they necessarily will i mean there’s a
lot of proponents
for it and i think it would look this is
this is what texas needed this is a
catalyst for
uh changing i mean it’s another cash
it’s it’s a it’s what texas needed to
change the game
for not only the farmers but for
business and commodities as well and i
think that
what it would decimate the industry
in texas if you know and we make a slew
of products here
um but one of the products we make are
vapes and that’s a big part of our
business as well
um and whether that’s a part of the
smokable or not
that remains to be seen but it it’s it’s
a big part of the economy and
the real answer is people aren’t going
to stop smoking it
it’s just they’re going to get it from
somewhere else and texas is going to
lose out on that revenue
right the reality of it the other the
other piece of it you know you have all
these entrepreneurs there in texas
that have taken the risk to start a
company like yourselves
and being as business friendly as texas
is it would be
kind of a a big miss if they
if they pull back because there’s a lot
of you know hard-working good people
that have started great companies but
you’re at the whim
you know of state regulation so i think
it’s something to definitely keep an eye
on and that’s that’s one of the things
we’re looking at for the texas hemp
convention what are the regulations
going to be down there this year
dallas has been great to us um and i
my thought process i mean i i think i
think that this will eventually work its
way out
and i think that state uh legislators
will absolutely see what you just said
which is
uh it needs to still be in there and it
hurts the farmers ultimately
ultimately it hurts that that’s the
person it hurts the most that’s the
group of people that hurts the most and
it’s a shame to think that that that
could be the case but um
moving on ben you have a pretty esteemed
background in private equity and
startups tell everybody who you are
and uh how how you went from you know
your former career
into the entrepreneurship route uh in
the hemp space specifically
yeah absolutely so you know jeremy and i
at heart
were entrepreneurs um you know i i kind
of cut my teeth and and so did he to
some degree in the oil and gas industry
um and we’re in houston um and and we
left those lucrative
careers to come and do this and be a
part of something that we think is going
to be great
um so yeah i a lot of private equity a
lot of startup experience um so
and and both of us have a lot of that
experience so
it was an easy transition into starting
up the company
now there’s a lot of caveats to that
when you go from
you know working in oil and gas to
processing and extraction facilities but
you know really what what transition
this i mean
it it is a commodity so it’s not that
different the science behind it is very
different but it is a commodity and
there’s ebbs and flows in the industry
i think one of the exciting things for
that we saw i mean we’re both big
believers in cannabis
and the benefits that it brings um we
we’ve not only seen it firsthand but
uh i mean we have testimonials and our
own personal experiences with it
um so from the benefits of it along with
being able to
create the infrastructure for the
uh is is very important it was very
important to us
and what what i’ll say is
you know jeremy and i he and and maybe
i’ll let him go into a little bit about
his background too because it kind of
coincides with how we set up the story
why we really got into this yeah chase i
um my background you know along with ben
oil and gas and
but my family’s also been farming for 80
years we’ve been
corn and soybean farmers so farming has
always been near and dear to my heart
personally i manage our farm in illinois
and uh so ben and i we grew a couple
years ago
and we so we we grew a crop and then we
really find a processor that could
answer all the specific questions that
we wanted after we had our crop
after we harvested our crop and so that
made us start thinking
you know should we bring something like
this to texas i mean
at that point legislation had not even
been passed in texas
yeah hb 13 did proposed but we had no
idea if it was going to pass or not
you know so we started forming our uh
our team which again uh one of the
the things that we wanted to do from the
beginning is we wanted to take
what we learned in the oil business from
a um
high regulation and high regulatory uh
so we we hired a cfo who had been
a top executive at oil and gas company
and so we just we started filling out
our roster
uh with people who were really high
executives from other industries
our regulatory and qc
guy he’s been in the food uh he’s been
the food industry for 30 years so we
wanted to put all these pieces together
and bring what we couldn’t find in
illinois as far as a processor
we wanted to bring this back home to
texas and so that’s really how bayou
city was formed
yeah i mean you know the questions that
any farmer should be asking is
what what type of extraction method are
you using what’s your quality control
um what’s your outlet for the products
that you produce
you know simple questions like that and
we we couldn’t get those answers
uh to the questions and so you know
as the hb 1325 was coming through i mean
we kind of just thought
you know what texas is the place to be
this is where we live we know it can be
it can be really really big and not only
can it change our lives and
and many many lives from the benefits of
this beautiful plant
but it can also change the farmer’s life
from having another opportunity
and another crop to uh
i mean capitalize on again the farming
industry has been on a
downward trend for a long time i know
this firsthand
and so anything that we can do to help
and um
bring a cash crop a new cash crop into a
agricultural state that’s what we want
to do all right now jeremy from a
farming perspective
you’ve got 10 acres you know say you’ve
got a small farm because there’s a lot
of people out there that that that are
calling me and asking me this question
i’ve i have
10 acres i’m not sure what to do with it
i could grow him
but i could also uh i got the call the
other day
i could also forget what it was they
could plant blueberries or they could
start an ore they could do all kinds of
different things with that land
how do you what did because i’m sure
you’re having these conversations with
other farmers whether they grew a little
bit last year and
thinking about growing again or
expanding or contracting
what advice do you give them whenever
they’re comparing hemp to
other crops that they could be growing
because the price isn’t as good as it
three years ago that’s right and so now
you’re starting to compete
a little bit more with those commodities
like you were talking about
what’s your advice jeremy yeah i mean i
i think chase is to do your due
diligence again
i think the smokable side plays a huge
role like we just discussed
um and number you know that’s that’s the
first thing is to do your due diligence
number two
learn how to grow the crop so i mean
hemp is not hemp or cannabis is not an
easy crop to grow
especially for high uh high cbd content
and so you know my advice really is to
do your due diligence
talk to people like us uh we have a
whole team who works with texas farmers
and and beyond and we’ll give you uh
you know our advice and try to help you
any way we can
to make the right decision for you
because i think everybody’s a little
enough cannot be said about getting in
speaking to understanding
the processing and extraction you any
farmer who’s getting into
this should not wait until their harvest
comes to start talking to processors
it’s right and you you know it happens
you’ve seen it happen
it could have even happened to y’all
it’s one of those things where
it’s a hard lesson to learn but a lot of
people have learned that the hard way
over the last two years now jeremy i
want to get back to the you know to the
bolts of this question
comparing him to other crops the
opportunity cost of other crops how do
think about that whenever you’re talking
about land and
how to monetize that land sure i mean
again my background really is on
um you know i would never grow corn and
beans on 10
acres i mean i could but that’s really a
let’s ramp let’s wrap it up because
everything’s a little bigger in texas
let’s ramp it up
sure um you know it it really it just
is it comparable absolutely it is
especially on this
if you add the smokable side in it’s
it’s a game changer it’s
it’s a better uh it’s a better return it
really is
uh it just takes more nurturing there’s
more is there more
with with reward is there more risk
absolutely all the way around because
you have to do it right or
again uh even on the smokeable side if
it’s not
uh the product that the consumer wants
then you know you’ve got a difficult
situation getting rid of it
so i think it’s really just getting the
hey do you want to take this challenge
maybe you don’t make
uh you don’t make this huge return in
2020 or 2021
but let’s look for 2023 or 24. yeah i
think the one thing to note here is that
this is a commodity
and although there’s a surplus right now
there’s a bottleneck on processing
and i just think that
we should keep in mind that the market
will reach
equilibrium at some point prices will
and those that stuck it through and
learned how to grow
in not so great times but certainly
comparable to any other cash crop
there are they are going to be the ones
that capitalize
on on this market when it comes we’re
definitely going through the filtering
right now
people that you know made one too many
mistakes and one of them ended up being
fatal to their
to their business this year you’ve seen
it i’m sure
we’ve seen it you know it’s hard because
as a source of liquidity for a lot of
farmers out there our platform
you know there’s only so much you can do
when there’s an over supply
right and so it’s last year was a
challenging situation for a lot of
and you know i’m glad to see that we’re
ideally on the upward trend
coming out of this thing um with with
the reduction in supply hopefully this
year and the increase in demand i think
uh things are going to change a little
bit but as you all know it takes time
nobody really there’s no glass crystal
to rub to tell you the answer what’s
going to happen
i mean if there is a crystal ball and i
you know i
i think it has to do with demand and we
all know what’s going to change the
and that’s fda approval and regulations
when that happens
the whole market will change now with
with a new um with the democrat
in power the democrats in power and you
with the presidency in the house and ty
in the senate there
what do you think is going to change on
a federal level when it comes to him or
do you see any changes is it going to be
a lot more of the same
uh yeah on the federal level i mean i
think you know there’s
there’s a bill in you know that’s that’s
being proposed right now
um and i mean i think that’s got a good
chance to
at least move forward uh i think we’ve
got a
uh administration who’s pretty hip
so again like ben said that we have a
crystal ball i i’m not i’m not sure
i think we just have to kind of wait it
out but i do think that good things are
uh are coming i really do and
you know i mean the biggest thing for us
given this new administration
we really really do hope that something
is done
to change this because this truly can
not only from a health standpoint and
many other standpoints it can change the
lives of a lot of people
and from an economic standpoint i mean
look at texas for instance i mean oil
and gas as that goes down there’s going
to be an
we need to have another commodity to
replace some of that revenue
and this is a perfect opportunity to do
that um
and it’s not only in texas i mean i you
know i i
really just hope that you know there’s a
lot of us who’ve taken a big leap of
and jumped into what we believe in
and and we are entrepreneurs at heart we
know the risk but
we’re really excited about where this
can go and where it’s going to be
but we do need we need some guidance and
some regulations to come
through on the federal side it’s hard to
see the opportunity
and then see so clearly what can be
what’s holding back that opportunity
as a founder i can imagine that you’re
looking at that and saying man if this
happens it could be a game changer
right absolutely and and just on the
uh you know for the for the health
benefits of all the consumers
again there needs to be more regulations
we’re a big proponent on regulations
we’ve done everything at our facility
we’re a cgmp and kosher certified
facility we put
all the infrastructure in there on the
front end
knowing that regulations will come and
you know as a consumer of this product
as well
uh the consumer needs to understand and
know where their products are coming
and so regulations need to be put in
um so you know a company like bayou city
um really stands out as far as what
we’re doing versus
uh someone else who’s not doing it the
appropriate way like we are
it’s a great point we spend a lot of
time and a lot of effort
and a lot of capital to build out this
facility to be food grade to be cgmp
kosher soon to be organic certified i
mean it’s a big part of it we want to
the highest quality ingredients and be
consistent in doing that
and a bigger point is we want to be
completely transparent
our doors here we have tours all the
time it’s completely open
we want people to see what we’re doing
see how we’re doing it and understand
what it really takes to do it the right
and look we are entrepreneurs we know we
know there’s going to be highs and lows
in this industry
and we’re prepared to take that on but
we do see the bigger picture
and light at the end of the tunnel and
we believe it’s coming
so i’m going to i’m going to ask you a
question that
i think a lot of people are asking
themselves right now
say fda regulations do change
and every single supplement manufacturer
every single brand or product that makes
you know something that you would buy at
gnc or or even all the consumer package
goods at walgreens or whatever say all
these big companies enter this base
how do you build a brand that stands out
with the
increased competition do you think the
demand will take care of that the
increase in demand will take care of
or or do you think that you have to this
is your time right now
you know the next 18 months two years to
build the bread
how are you all gonna do that quality
i mean look there’s a lot of basement
processors and look
everyone has a right to do it their own
way we’re not diminishing anyone’s brand
um but we believe that longevity in this
market will be based on high quality
consistent and and transparent
ingredients i mean that that’s what it’s
going to take
um those are the guys you know we
believe we are those guys
they’re going to get the bigger
contracts um
you know i i don’t know
that that’s the way we believe the
market’s going to turn um and and look
when the fda comes out it’s not just
going to be
hey it’s free for all they’re going to
put their thumb down
very hard well that’s why i’m say that’s
why i’m talking about those other
companies because they’ve dealt with
those regulations for a long time
my belief i do not see this free for all
where these other nutraceutical
companies are just jumping in i really
i mean after ben and i have been doing
this for quite some time again
i i absolutely believe what we make here
in our facility
is totally different than the
nutraceuticals that they’re making
totally different process totally
different uh
totally different staff not to say that
they can’t do it but there’s going to be
a steep learning curve
on those guys and it’s going to take
them quite some time so again
you said is is the right time to do it
now the answer is yes
you need to be doing it for the next two
years build your brand with quality
uh and i think you’ll really stand out
and you know it it not only is it
quality but
i i really believe the transparency is
key i mean we have seed to shelf
tracking in everything we do
um we have our own internal testing lab
uh we have i mean it’s led by our own
phd chemist
dr g when when we talk about this we
back it up with
our employees our infrastructure um our
and and we think that’s going to be the
difference but what i will say
is these these brands that were
people are working to build you better
high quality suppliers that are you’re
already sourced
because your brand is only as strong as
who your suppliers are
and it’s critical that you team up with
the right groups the one that’s uh
the ones that are going to have
longevity and be here when the fda does
come out and they shut down
80 of the facilities out there
you know who knows what’s going to
happen but i mean
we’re a first mover in texas and we knew
that was going to be the key
and we do believe in a future that
has cannabis legalized completely now
you mentioned suppliers
just now in in having solid partners
i believe you’re referencing yourself as
a supplier but i’ve got a question
upstream of y’all
how do you all manage the how do you
manage the relationships that you have
with farmers
and the suppliers that you all work with
or do you supply everything
that you all make yourselves sure no we
i mean we have a whole team here
that works with farmers we have a whole
who who sources good quality product who
is in talks with farmers i mean
constantly daily
daily um you know we’re not going to
always say we do everything
that’s not who we are a lot of people in
this industry say
we do everything we do most
things and we do it really well uh i’m a
you know my background is farming we
went down this path but we work with
quite a few farmers yeah i mean we’re as
vertically integrated as we want to be
right now there’s no
there’s not a huge benefit for us to go
out and grow
200 acres i mean that would defeat the
purposes of
of us trying to help the farmer we want
to be an outlet for the farmer
and and you got to take into account the
extraction facility has enough
risk within it right as soon as you
start growing
and you know in houston or wherever you
would end up growing a hurricane comes
through whatever it is
right and that can disrupt your entire
supply chain
whereas if you’re buying it on the open
market you could always go out and soar
every every layer to that vertical
market of that vertical model
and not only that i mean we’re we have i
again a gmp facility here i mean what we
is we’re constantly doing r d and and
we’re more of a biopharma company again
farming is
if that’s what if that’s the route you
want to choose and we
we try to help the farmer with that then
that’s that’s where you need to stay you
need to stay in your lane
because farming is you know i’ve been
doing it a long time farming if that’s
what you do
you’re a farmer um and you’re good at it
and you’re good at it
and you’re good at it now one of your
missions that you have listed out here
is to be
the first and largest co2 hemp
extraction company in texas
as far as kind of the topics that i
wanted to ask you about
what makes co2 the better option when it
comes to extraction
you know for everybody that’s listening
that might not know you have ethanol
you have your hydrocarbons you have a a
number of different methods
co2 is an extraction method that just
carbon dioxide that’s correct why
you know why car why co2 extraction why
why carbon dioxide extraction versus the
other methods
that can be more affordable uh when it
comes to processing
sure well look we jeremy and i spent a
very very long time deciding on which
extraction method we were going to use
and we studied them
in depth for months and the the reality
of it is
is carbon dioxide is in the air
it’s it’s it’s here right it’s it’s not
using anything i mean
that is synthetically derived however
the the main points for us is it’s much
more selective in what we’re pulling out
of the plant
um so we’re getting a lot less byproduct
um side material things like that um
it not only that i mean that that’s the
that’s the easy answer
it’s much more selective and we’re going
to be able to pull out exactly what we
need and want out of the plant instead
alcohol or ethanol pulling out
everything out of the plant
and some people want that but um
for us we want to be selective and be
able to formulate and pull out exactly
what we want
and really the the biggest component of
this is
the actual byproduct and what we call
the raffinate it’s it’s spent biomass
and the biggest and i’m sure everyone’s
seen the
you know legal findings out there and
different things of companies but
when we when our product leaves our
extractors it it’s clean
i mean we can use it for livestock feed
soil remediation um
you can use it to flavor drinks there’s
a multitude of things you can do
and it’s not a bi it’s not a hazardous
that’s the biggest problem um and that’s
why yes to get in the co2 game
it is way more capital intensive up
front you better
you better be prepared however
your operating costs are much lower and
you have much less
risk from a i mean what are you going to
do with all that spin biomass that’s
hazardous waste well we’ve seen what
some people have done
we’ve seen what some people have done
yeah but yeah like like ben said chase
um it’s it’s very capital intensive on
the front end
but we’re a huge believer in using the
entire product that is that is something
that went into
uh how we chose our extraction method we
think that the rafting and the spent
material is actually going to be a
product at some point
again there’s some regulatory issues on
that side as well on
animal feed etc but it’s got a huge
it’s got a very high protein content we
see some really good things
uh in the future on that side of the
that’s a totally different side than
what we’re talking about but
um and so yeah it’s it’s co2 is a clean
product and that’s
that’s uh really why we chose it and
i’ll add two things there
the first thing is we are in texas
and it is one of the largest
agricultural meccas
in the world and it would be crazy not
to think about what we’re going to do
with our byproduct and not have the
ability to use it for something that can
not only be a revenue stream that’s
unaccounted for but also
help the earth and and and the farmers
at the same time
the sustainability behind that is
amazing now
before before we wrap this up i
you know looking at your storefront you
know getting to know y’all
what are what what are all the what are
the ways that people can work with
bayou city hemp what are what’s
everything that you’re doing and and if
people want to work with you all if
people want to you know buy your goods
what what are y’all selling
how would they get in touch you know lay
it on us give us a spiel
uh before we wrap this up because i i
really appreciate y’all keeping it as
educational as you all have
because uh there’s a lot to uh there’s a
lot to learn in texas and people don’t
you know it’s hard to get that
information because things are changing
it’s so important you all to stay up to
date on everything so i appreciate the
update and i think everybody’s probably
going to be looking forward to this but
tell us tell us everything that y’all
are doing we keep a pretty tight pulse
on the market
uh we have a lot of brand partners that
we work with but
i mean so not i mean of course we
process and extract we can do
isolates distillates um broad full
cbd anything you want but you know we
really specialize in minor cannabinoids
and formulations and custom
products so whether it’s cvc or cvn or
delta a thcv cbdbv i mean
we have the ability to um
you know isolate and and i guess extract
all of those cannabinoids um
and as far as products i mean we why
label a multitude of products
um and i’ll let jeremy go through some
of the brands that
we’ve partnered with and some of the
products that
we provided them yeah i mean like ben
said we
we do all our bulk products um we’d love
for people to reach out
to us if we can partner with with anyone
any of your viewers
uh on the bulk side that we can you know
help them on
as an ingredient uh we also uh
i mean we have a whole r d team that’s
that’s all they do
is uh coming up with better alternatives
we’re now working we’ve been working for
quite some time on a nano water soluble
which is just unbelievable uh and we’ve
partnered with a brand called the mixer
and we’ve got some big news coming out
uh with the mixer elixir soon
that we’re absolutely excited about but
um so on the water we’re
we’re super excited on the water soluble
um we’re
yeah let me let me go into that so the
water solubility we take it to
i don’t know under 50 nanometers i mean
we can give you the exact measurements
we make it very very small with an
incredible product and we’re not limited
to use it with cbd i mean we
cbc cbn cbg delta eight i mean when you
talk about it
and and mixer elixir does it as a
beverage additive and it’s just a little
pump and
it’s an incredible experience um from
all aspects
um and we’re working on a couple of
other products with the nano that
we we won’t reveal just yet but stay
tuned it’s coming
well i can’t wait to see what you all do
next i’m excited to be down there and
see you guys in texas
in dallas in november and uh
incredible job you know fighting through
everything with covid fighting through
the oversupply and building
a great brand i i think there’s so much
to learn from y’all and i appreciate you
sharing a little bit of that knowledge
today with us on the show
yeah and let me let me just real quick
take 30 more seconds to tell you about
some of the other products we do
so third coast blends is another company
we we’ve partnered with
so we do vapes pre-rolls gummies
tinctures um
really it’s a limitless end of products
we have a full cosmetics line that we
partnered with to help someone create
which is leaf life wellness um so you
know take a look
and go out there i mean uh yeah check
out the website
yeah check out check out bayou and you can
get in touch with this contact by
we’re here every day all day to answer
any questions anybody needs
and again we just want to be we want to
be the partner we couldn’t find
that’s right so we appreciate your time
chase we really appreciate it
we really really look forward to seeing
you at the texas team convention well
hopefully all this covet is over and
we’ll be uh riding a bull in a bar
or something in november together i
don’t know have you all been on the
mechanical bulls because i have not and
that’s something i’ve always wanted to
so i’ll take you up on that maybe after
you a few uh
yeah we’ll we’ll have a few beers and
get out get on the mechanical bowl that
sounds good
all right guys be safe and uh good luck
and we’ll be in touch

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