The HempList #4: Indoor & Greenhouse Hemp Farming with Silver Creek Farms

Here’s a quick wrap up of the episode, and some links where you can watch the full length interview..

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In Summary

In this interview Chase and Tony dive into Silver Creek Farm’s recent transition from a more traditional agricultural background into high quality, smokeable hemp growing.

Tony is currently operating the farm out of Illinois and successfully transitioned about 1 acre of greenhouses from aquaponic lettuce growing facility into a high end indoor / greenhouse hemp grow. Here’s a clip where Tony discusses the difference between his grow and the more common outdoor crops;

Though it sounds like Silver Creek Farms is growing some good flower now, Tony also explains how there’s been challenges, and they plan to move to a hydroponics system in the future. One thing Tony touches base on is the importance of finding other professionals that know what their doing, and with the hemp/cannabis plant specifically.

Here’s another clip about the Illinois regulations, and how recreational cannabis has had an effect on the Hemp market;

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