The HempList #54: Nano Cannabinoids & Starting The First Cannabis Testing Lab w/ Nanobiologics

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In Summary

Randy Haskin & Billy Malone joins us on the HempList this week, hosted By Chase Nobles, Founder of

Randy started CannaSafe, a licensed and accredited cannabis laboratory in 2011, the first of its kind in the United States! Chase asks Randy to tell his personal story and how he went from being a chemist to working in the Hemp and Cannabis space with Nanobiologics Research Corp, then gives a detailed breakdown of how our two cannabinoid receptors actually work with cannabinoids. Now Randy has paired up with Billy Malone to manufacture a wide range of nano cannabinoid products, with the focus on water encapsulated nano ingredients rendering 100% bio-availability on cellular uptake.

Learn all about the early days of Cannabis testing, Nano Technology, and more in this great interview!

Nanobiologics has developed preparatory IP (patent pending) on the nanoization of Cannabinoid’s without the use of surfactant making them 100% bio available and can be infused in eatables, beverages, topicals and medicines without adding texture or taste to the finished product.

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Transcript (Auto-Generated)

hey everybody chase nobles here
co-founder over at i’ve got
randy haskin and billy malone over at
nanobiologics corp with us today that’s
a big name for a very smart couple of
individuals that have founded this
company over there we’ve uh we’ve got a
science episode for you guys today so
randy billy good to have you on the show
thank you all right thank you
right on so randy i kind of want to just
start off with you right out of the gate
you know you have a masters in
enchantment you’re a chemist
by trade
um this isn’t your first company in the
space you founded canasafe
um back in the day where and that that
lab has become such a massive uh uh
staple in the industry so many people
have heard of it tell us how you got
started with can a safe and what that’s
led to you know now what are you up to
well actually my daughter is the one
that got me started in this industry she
suffered from crohn’s disease which came
on our early teens
we traveled across the united states
trying to find some relief for this
particular disease and as as you know
there is no real solution for crohn’s
the closest we got and encouraged by her
husband uh was to try cannabis
and we started with just the flower and
making kind of a malt because cannabis
the oils in cannabis dissolve very
easily in milk so we started making some
malts and shapes for her and it seemed
to be helping
but the problem that we ran into that i
ran into
was as a chemist i
was shopping for the different and at
this time in history we’re back to 2010
at that time in history most of the
cannabis was coming in from the south or
from illegal growers up in northern
california and the problem that i
was facing
again as a chemist was what are they
using to grow these plants what are the
pesticides what are the herbicides
am i doing more harm than good to my
because i don’t know what’s in this this
raw plant material
so uh the solution in my mind was easy
go find a lab that can test it
uh that wasn’t so easy there was several
labs at that time in history that were
all underground labs there was no
accredited cannabis lab and in fact some
people were testing potency out of the
back of their cars
you can’t do that you can’t keep
calibration in an instrument driving
around on pumping roads so
it was pretty much a nightmare and the
only solution
was to
start my own lab
uh and this is this is in the time frame
in california where eagle 20
we didn’t really fully understand that
as an industry what the you know what it
decarboxylizes into that’s uh so
pesticides had to be a real concern
knowing the fundamentals of chemistry i
would imagine
of course and you at that point in
history too we hadn’t started separating
the analytes of cannabis the cbd cbn thc
basically 90 of the industry was lighted
up and smoking
now now you’re combusting all of these
toxic chemicals and it’s going straight
into your lungs so that was a from an
industry standpoint that was a major
concern but i knew at that point
we had to develop an accredited
laboratory to handle this problem
because it’s only going to snowball on
the industry as a whole if we can’t get
control over accurate accredited
validated testing of what you’re putting
in your body
so we began our our journey in canada
safe uh the problem with becoming
accredited is that there’s only four
legitimate accrediting laboratories in
the united states and none of them
wanted to touch cannabis because it was
a schedule one drug
uh perry johnson laboratories out of
florida finally
approached us and and looked at the
credentials looked at the work that i
had already started and said you know
what you’re on the right track
we’ll work with you because we believe
this industry is going to be a very
dynamic industry in the years to come
and it needs this type of accredited
testing so perry johnson stepped in and
together with them we developed all the
methodology uh necessary we validated
that methodology and then i believe in
2011 we became the first
17025 accredited cannabis laboratory in
the united states and then as billy said
we went on to get an ilac badge which
gives us the same um
type of
globally not just in the united states
where we’re accepted as a global testing
facility for cannabis so that was kind
of safe
and we ran canada safe for about five
years during that period of time we
shared our methodology so now all the
cannabis laboratories legitimate labs
across the united states are iso
accredited laboratories
wow and and you’ve started a new venture
which we’re going to get into but i want
to just turn it over to billy billy you
are you’re the head of marketing over
there at nanobiologics corp and you’re
also city council member of marietta uh
marietta california down there as well
tell us a little bit how you got
involved with the with nanobiologics
corp actually not marietta uh a town
called aldina which is uh north of
pasadena in the greater los angeles area
all right so dina city council of
valdena yeah but also leading up
marketing for a hindi cannabis brand and
that must be
a very interesting uh line to walk you
know being in the public spotlight but
also leading up marketing you know how
did you get involved in this space and
uh how is that balance been you know
walking that line
well well it’s it’s interesting because
like randy most of us in our industry in
the industry is
especially from the legal side we we
came at it because of uh personal
experiences and in my personal
experience my wife is
chronically disabled she has a chronic
spine disease um and it has chronic pain
and um you know over years we had tried
every single thing possible
and nothing was working in her case
you name it we tried it everything from
conventional medicine to
acupuncture and including cbd back in
the day that we got from an illegal
um nothing was working
at that time i didn’t know why cbd
wasn’t working but now i do right um i
know what what’s required and
and uh quantities and dosages and
everything else but um so it was in that
search for her um an m3 mutual friends
um that’s where um i became became
friends with randy in this space and we
and the fact that randy runs um
nanobiologics was primarily a research
uh facility
um not a manufacturing facility so being
a research facility we we actually used
my wife as a guinea pig several times in
some of the
beta testing um for a lot of the
products they were developing at the
and so that was a few years ago
um so i i first hand have seen the
experience of what it did for my wife
you know which
you know there’s no cure for her disease
but a number of surgeries was reduced by
half her medication was reduced by more
than half you know and all that thing
that traditional medicine takes a toll
on your body and so to maintain her it
has been the best thing ever
at that point um in the development of
the research lab and antibiologics i i
was so excited i end up branching off
and distributing um for nanobiologics
but since then i’ve now got uh from
within the company um because i’ve
really enjoyed that i i that space means
a lot to me now when it comes to
your reputation when you’re in the
public eye in any in any uh elected
it’s it’s your credibility means
everything right
so in a space like this where it’s kind
of still like the wild west to a degree
and how do you if you don’t know the
names in the industry who can you trust
what can you trust everything else in my
case it’s like
you my what is everything if i’m not
honest if i don’t if i don’t tell you
and and you can’t believe what i’m
then then every other thing i do in my
life means nothing because you know
being on a council my my trust and name
is everything right so i have to bring
that to this industry so i think that
has a lot of value because in my case it
can’t i just can’t make stuff up i just
can’t say anything it has to have value
otherwise um you know in the public
i have a lot of respect i have a lot of
respect for what you all are doing the
mission seems very clear
you found something that helps and you
want to take it to the rest of the world
billy you mentioned that cbd back in the
day did not work but nanobiologics corp
you all are doing some pretty serious r
and d
you know
randy you’re
obviously a renowned chemist and
personality in the space that has you
know just added so much to the
credibility side
but what is the r d what is the true r d
that you all are doing because it seems
like everybody’s doing something and
it’s really hard to
you know
differentiate what is actual innovation
or what is renaming something that’s
been around for 300 years
nano was nanotechnology in and of itself
is a fairly new science it’s only really
been around in the medical field for
about a decade and a half 15 years at
most and it’s still it’s not fully
understood besides working with cannabis
we’re also working with proteins for
gene cancer
cooperating with several different
hospital laboratories nano sizing the
genes basically
what nanozation is is you take an oil
and we all know once you extract the
different analytes of cannabis they all
come out as oils very fine oils
and we all know oil and water doesn’t
mix too well we’re taking these oils and
putting them in our body which is 90
plus percent water
cellular level
so to get that oil into a cell where
it’s actually going to do what it’s
supposed to be doing you’re only going
to get a fraction of that we learned
this i learned this during our times
with canosa
we were encouraging
again you’re going back over a decade in
this industry at that time smoking was
the thing then vaping came in but both
cases you’re taking it into your lungs
there was always edibles around but
edibles were so hard to test they never
knew how they were dosed people would
wake up and couldn’t function the next
that’s a big commitment for you know a
five to eight hour
impact right so
absolutely and you don’t know how your
body’s metabolizing those raw oils so
the theory and the reason we sold can of
safe is i needed seed money to start
and we also had seed investors come in
at that point but we knew that if we
could separate the analytes and then
reduce the size of those oil
conglomerates which is in the thousands
of microns
reduce it down to a nano level
it could actually bypass the liver first
pass liver go straight from the gut into
the bloodstream because those molecules
are so small your cells recognize them
as water
water molecules if we get the nano size
of the cannabinoids down low enough it
will wrap
water molecules around them because of
the polar molecules and the cells take
it into the cell just like a trojan
so we go from perhaps anywhere from four
to twelve percent bioavailability
all the way up to a hundred percent
wow we conservatively use a six times
over but it could be as high as 10 to 12
times more bioavailable we’ve been very
conservative at six times over
billy can tell you how that affects the
bottom line of a manufacturer that’s
doing infused products you just got a
huge margin thrown your way right right
and a good example of that is when you
because you you started this with a
question of you know i tried cbd back in
the day and it didn’t work how did i
know that didn’t work so the i will tell
you that
this is back then and from dispensary we
purchased a 30 ml bottle of 250
milligrams of cbd and we tried that and
it was supposed to be a 30-day supply
you know
using nanobiologics emotion my wife
one tiny drop
and each drop has 10 milligrams
which has a bio equivalence of 60
milligrams if you use the six times of
regular tb so before bed every night she
takes six drops
so that will be a bio equivalence of 360
milligrams now she’s chronic so she’s
taking it she’s not taking it as a
supplement she’s taking a lot but she’s
taking that much before bed which would
be a bioequivalent of 360 milligrams
it’s a 60 nano
well that’s more than the whole bottle
that we purchased
many many years ago if you imagine that
bottle was 250 was supposed to last 30
days and we wondered why it didn’t work
and here she has taken my equivalence of
360 before bed and it’s probably a lot
more affordable as well like yeah right
like randy mentioned you know the the
roi on a bottle is so much higher that
that the actual cost has to go down on
what you’re actually what you’re getting
well with it with a with a six times uh
bio availability the cost factor the
cost equivalence is is so much greater
you’re getting much more um cost
effectiveness when you go to a now
now i have a couple of questions about
this from from the science side
uh randy you’ve talked about
bioavailability and bio equivalency i
think that’s what you’re talking about
whenever you wrap it in water molecules
and you can just kind of sneak it into
the body is that correct
uh yes like a trojan horse
now you use the word trojan use the term
trojan horse um one of the concerns
about bioavailability of
you know
nanowise i don’t know the right term
cannabinoids or what do you call you you
have a different word for cannabinoids
and the molecules just call them
what are the unintended consequences are
there any unintended consequences of of
cannabinoids going places that
they might not have been able to go at
one point is have you have you do you
have any concerns in the same way you
know your concerns of the impacts of
knowing where and how the product has
grown do you have any concerns over
you know the impact of
sneaking cannabis in this efficiently at
a you know close to 100 rate that’s
pretty mind-blowing
uh to answer your question though i
don’t have concerns in that
the reason that you would have a concern
putting any drug in your body especially
on a nano scale
is uh the
interaction of
your internal organs and receptors in
your body you’re introducing something
that doesn’t naturally have a receptor
so now it’s going to go where it wants
to go and that could cause toxic
problems but in the case of human beings
and in fact in the case of all mammals
including whales and dolphins
we have an endocannabinoid system we’re
born with it and we’re producing
cannabinoids in our bodies right now
we have two different pathways there’s a
cb1 receptor that’s prevalent in the
central nervous system and there’s a cb2
receptor that’s prevalent in the immune
system but these receptors are there for
a reason
and by
i want to go back a little bit i’m
trying to explain this accurately no
please do because this is something that
a lot of people talk a lot about but
it’s really hard to get
validated information from professionals
so take your time
okay i’d like to go back to why our body
produces right connect noise in the
first place i mean what is that system
there for we know what our skeletal
system does we know that’s going to be
my next question so i’m glad you’re
bringing it up
so we know what all these systems do but
why do we have this endocannabinoid
it turns out and again i’ll have to
preface it by saying
this is new science we don’t know as
much about our endocannabinoid system as
we do about all our other systems we’re
learning as we go and there’s always
more to learn so
with that asterix what is it what is it
what the what we have surmised is that
uh without the endocannabinoid system
the infant mortality rate would be
astronomical when you leave your
mother’s womb and pop into this world
it’s full of toxins toxins to that
infant that has not yet developed all of
its internal organs or systems
so it needs something to survive that
critical 30 days of being out in this
toxic environment mother’s milk for
example is full of cannabinoids the
cannabinoids don’t really do anything
internally for you except to put all
your other systems into homeostasis
it balances the systems so now your gut
is working with your liver your liver is
working with your immune system your
central nervous system all in balance
and what keeps them in balance is the
that’s cannabinoids
as we grow
our systems grow with us in fact that’s
how we dose medicine don’t we we say how
much do you weigh you should take this
many milligrams because our systems are
growing and bigger people need more
than smaller people
problem with the endocannabinoid system
is it doesn’t grow
you’ve got the same number of receptors
that you were born with
that protected you as an infant
now why can’t they protect you and keep
you in balance as an adult
well your body’s getting bigger
what we can do thank god there’s a plant
that also produces cannabinoids so think
of the cannabinoids as a maintenance and
that’s how we like to think about it
this is a maintenance program just like
taking vitamins
and depending on the cannabinoid that
you put into your body
we know it’s going to be attracted to
different types of receptors on
different organs that we’ve all mapped
out we understand that now
how do we get the most the biggest bang
for the buck
that’s financing the cannabinoids
if you think about um
this is a good lay example if you fill
the bathtub full of water and you had a
block of salt
a big block of salt and you dropped it
in that warm bathtub
it could take hours and hours and hours
for that all to dissolve
take that same block of salt
grind it up to a powder
and spread the powder in there and watch
how fast all of that salt is absorbed
that’s the same thing with the nanos all
we did was increase the surface area of
the cannabinoids so instead of melting
one layer at a time on the outside of
that block
you’ve got millions of little blocks
you’ve increased the surface area so it
doesn’t have to go first pass through
the liver it could be absorbed right
through the gut
and then depending on the cannabinoid
you put in
if you have stomach issues for example
if you have immune system issues if you
you’re susceptible to colds and
um bacterias that that cause influenza
the viruses and influenza all of this is
controlled by the immune system if your
problem is neuropathy or fibromyalgia
things of that nature that’s controlled
in the central nervous system
so that’s the cb1 receptor
so by taking the different cannabinoids
we know that thc for example is only
attracted to the cb1 receptor
central nervous system that’s what gets
you high
cbd however is
it can be attracted to both but it’s
mostly attracted to the cb
excuse me two receptor which is your
immune system
even in this especially in this era of
coconut uh cbd becomes very important to
keep your immune system in balance and
that’s in balance even against
the cytokine storms that occur where
you’re over producing
uh your immune system it needs to be
settled down
this is a problem with covalent as well
so i’ve got i’ve got i’ve got two i’ve
got one more major question about on the
science side and then billy i’m going to
take it over to you um but
can i add one thing to what randy was
saying right then yeah yeah sure
because it is if it’s staying to your
question about what the concerns
in the new delivery system of nano was
sort of how you set up the question to
randy and one of the things we know with
with the nano uh uh
when we use nanoparticlization
is that typically
the uh cannabis molecule and randy can
correct me if i’m
saying it all correctly but it takes it
takes a long time
once once your body’s
taken a reaction to it it takes a long
time for that molecule to to go out of
your system which is why it’s found in
your hair why it’s found because it
stays in your system for a very long
period of time
when you nano particles it it remains in
your system for the for the for the
duration of what your buddies used it
for and then it would disperse within 24
um so it will not remain in your system
the same way a non-particle
nanocavernoid will
well now i have even more questions for
all the people that need to pass a drug
absolutely is this gonna go out of their
system much faster
two two answers to that question two
sides of that that question the first
thing is yes it’s absorbed in the body
and is out of your system within 24
hours regardless of how much you put
into your body even thc even thc wow but
what’s very interesting
along with the sports line just curious
yeah i know you can a lot of people
search that question yeah
very interesting to note that the
equipment industry has not caught up
with nano detection yet
meaning that if
we go we’re working with agilent right
now on different columns to use an hplc
or gcfid detection but they detect these
columns are made to pick up and detect
these larger conglomerates of molecules
they can’t see the nanomolecule
so if you look for a drug test and even
with thc if it was nano size
it it’s in your system but there’s no
instrument that can see it yet there
will be soon i mean we’re working with
these instrument companies and there
will be soon but right now um
no they can’t really see it
but but but i understand that you always
trick in the book if you want to hide
you get smaller okay now now i have to i
don’t bend the livelihood on us
do what you need to do i have to ask one
other major question because there are a
lot of people working on um
nanoparticles and
moleculars they whatever you want to
call it there’s so many different ways
that people describe
turning cannabinoids into
nanocannabinoids and
how are you doing it is it different
from what else you see on the market or
have you just figured out a better way
to do it what what is what is unique
here because i know that you’re a very
smart scientist and there’s some ip
behind this as well
what is what is the process of which
that you’re doing this that’s different
from the rest of the market
well it’s uh it’s
it’s all under trade secret right now i
didn’t want to patent it because you
know as soon as you patent it it’s out
to the world and all they have to do is
change one little thing and the industry
is bastardized but uh so we’re holding
everything under trade secret what i can
tell you is that we’ve developed an ip
where we can actually in in order to
these molecules stable you know when you
you shake up oil and water
the oil disperses in the water but then
it eventually comes back and just forms
one big glob again it floats on the top
what we
in the nano world that happens as well
but it takes longer to do it it takes
maybe 24 hours to come back together
we needed a shelf life product that
would last for months not hours
and and even at ambient temperature so
it didn’t have to stay in a refrigerator
that was our challenge how do we nano
size these molecules and then keep them
chemically and thermally stable at
ambient temperature for long periods of
that’s the ip we developed and there’s
no other companies that can do it they
the other way of doing that holding them
stable is by the use of surfactants and
a surfactant is a coal solvent it
dissolves in oil it dissolves in water
it’s a coal solvent so by adding
to the
oil nano and water mixture it holds it
here’s the problem with surfactants
another name for surfactant is soap
we use it every day
but you put that in water to hold it
stable yes you do have a nano water
product but it tastes like soap and if
you shake the bottle it’ll bubble up
like soap and it’s bitter like soap and
a lot of times you’ll notice when people
have products and
it becomes cloudy and that’s because
when you add an you know a nano
emotional or a nano particle to a water
base why is it becoming cloudy it’s
because the same way in your sink when
you’re washing your dishes and you add
the you have grease in the pan and you
add a detergent to it the water turns
white right
because that detergent that is in it
makes it cloudy so you’ll notice a lot
of the nano um on the market
if you use it in beverages and stuff you
notice it will it will tendency to go
cloudy and as randy said it will have
that bitter taste and that’s because of
the fractal surfactant that’s required
to hold the nanoparticles apart to keep
them suspended
so in our case we
we have a process that randy developed
that is able to do that without the use
of surfactants which means yeah we
actually have a nano
product that doesn’t have
some of the negative additives that you
would have in a regular nano so randy
you find this hilarious that people
rename soap surfactants mixed it in to
make things mix and then really they
just put soap you know obviously i would
imagine food grade soap if that’s a
into their products
but from a chemistry standpoint that is
what it is
that that is the definition of soap it
makes the makes the water mix to
everything right and kind of washes it
off so
very interesting news to me because i
didn’t know that so i really appreciate
you bringing that through now billy i’ve
got to ask you a couple of questions
regarding the products that y’all are
obviously you have a tincture that has
helped your wife significantly what
other products are you bringing to
market that take this technology take
this innovation and make it accessible
to a larger number of people at a more
affordable cost
okay well first of all i’m going to
mention the tincture you said um the
tincture itself um
and randy will
probably jump in here
we like to call it emotion not a
because if randy’s going to correct me
even though tincture is a common name
used in our industry from a scientific
standpoint it means it has to it means
it has alcohol well slap us around randy
slap us around and
so therefore it’s an emotion from our
not a tincture even though our industry
would probably call it that right
so uh anyway so that that’s just um yes
so that works on my wife so that’s kind
of the primary into everything but then
when you go to
like our topics for example the
difference is when you’re using a
topical we have a topic called bomb
randy has not skimped on anything it’s
not a question of uh as as we’re kind of
like our industries like the wild west
we don’t have the same regulations
anyone can buy isolate these days and
mix it into a lotion and sell cbd cream
right and when you can do that but like
our bombs randy being being the
scientist he is he has to investigate
every single ingredient in there and how
is going to help with the delivery of
what you’re trying to get into the body
and one thing we know with the topicals
again when you’re talking nano
um when you you when when you put
something on your skin it has a hard
time getting through the
the the dermal layers
to get deep which is why when you have
things like psoriasis or you have eczema
um those are all treated internally
those you know the doctors will
prescribe medication that’s taken
internally you don’t use a topical cream
for those because you have a hard time
with topicals
absorbing with the nanoparticlization
the nano will be sucked right through
the skin and will go through those
dermal layers
and so our topicals can be effective uh
almost immediately
as opposed to other cbd creams um
and um we actually have been working and
randy especially been working with with
actually physicians that
are doing experiments on uh topicals
with eczema and everything else and
where they’ve gotten some results with
um cbd positive results using a topical
and eczema for the first time
when they’ve used the nanoparticles
particles uh
bombs that we’ve developed and they’ve
tried those they’re getting weak they’re
getting reactions and clearing up of of
the condition within you know hours or a
couple of days which is incredible so
that that that’s still in the works um
that we’re working on from a research
site but from um a marketing side we
have those bombs that have been
developed out of our product
and all the ingredients are there for a
um they’re all they’re there to help the
delivery they’re not just something
added to a cream
um and so those type of courses
i have found more effective which is why
i’m here i’m here because i personally
think they’re the best on the market um
and and i’m talking from personal
experience because i have a guinea pig
at home i get to use it on
and so that you know so so that it lends
itself to the topic was the same way
you know any of the edibles the the
gummies and everything else that you
know we we have a lot of the same
products that you will see on the shelf
in our particular case now we’re adding
the ip that we have um
to the product itself and everything is
well thought out and everything comes
from the lab everything stems from the
lab that that has always been important
to us nothing has ever just sort of
mixed or created everything stems from
the lab first and before we wrap this up
it sounds like y’all are working on some
oral and dental products and we’ve been
going for almost 40 minutes now and it’s
been a pleasure talking to you guys but
i could not leave this interview with
out asking about those products
because if you’ve ever experienced tooth
or oral pain it can be some of the worst
and so what are you working on there um
and and how soon will that be available
well we’re working on on several
products for oral but it’s it’s
important to understand where that pain
is coming from before we learn how to
treat it
addressing your pain if you take what we
call our 2000 emulsion put a drop on
your finger you’ve got a tooth ache or
gum pain
soreness in your gums put a drop on your
finger and massage it into your gums
that pain will go away within a minute
and it will last uh
knowing that it does so well on killing
bacteria in the buccal of the teeth and
the buccal of the teeth is another
the second best way of getting something
into your system other than injection it
goes directly into your bloodstream in
the buccal of your teeth but we’ve done
a lot of efficacy testing now
where the
gum line has gone from pockets deep
pockets of five six sevens down to three
fours and fives with toothpaste by
simply putting a couple of drops of the
emulsion on your favorite toothpaste and
brushing with that wow so we see those
within a month
uh you can reduce those those deep
pockets so we’re in the process of
coming out with our own
toothpaste line because i don’t like a
lot of the preservatives they put into
the regular crest and all these
toothpaste over the counter
because they don’t know how long they’re
going to be on a shelf so we’re
developing a natural toothpaste
everything that’s in it including the
preservatives will be natural and then a
mouthwash of course to go along with
that it’s not to market yet but it will
be within about six months yeah well
but if you’re interested in that
depending on the uh
the quantity
um we could start speaking within the
next week right because it depends on
the order quantity right to
to speed the manufacturing up well if
you need a guinea pig i’ll uh i’ll i’ll
shoot you the address and uh i’ll i’ll
send you some notes that would be great
okay randy billy it’s been a pleasure
talking with you all congratulations on
all the success continue doing the
research continue pushing the level
forward randy continue holding us
accountable for um the you know what
certificates actually are and that
things are emulsion sometimes versus
teachers you know congratulations on all
the success that you’ve had in this
industry and keep it up we’re excited to
watch what happens next for
nanobiologists corpse thank you again
for being on the show
thank you thanks for having us

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