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The HempList is back every week with at least one interview (Monday’s & Thursdays). Chase Nobles, founder of, welcomes an interesting hemp or cannabis leader to discuss how they got into the industry, and the latest obstacles or solutions they’ve come across. Guests range from farmers, to scientists, and even investors within the industry.

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Latest Episode

Edward comes from growing high quality flower in the Recreational / Medical days of Southern Oregon. He goes into his story of how & why he chose to switch from growing legal Cannabis to it’s federally legal counterpart in high CBG / CBG Hemp, then elaborates his philosophy of growing hemp as close to traditional cannabis as possible. Tons of tips and tricks from an expert grower in this Interview!

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More Episodes

Mahesh comes from a Chemical Engineering background and knows his science! Chase askes him to explain some of the thought behind his products as well as dive into the science behind cannabinoids, water soluble, Nano Emulsification, and more! This a great podcast to catch if your looking to stay up to date on the cutting edge of the Hemp Industry..

Living Fields Collective helps farms in a wide range of ways including consultations, sourcing, retail sales, and they even have their own water soluble products with some great science behind it. Chase and Mark talk about the upcoming product lines, how building connections during the pandemic has gone, and more!

Located in Southern Oregon, Phillip talks about the highs and lows of being in the market both through the Recreational Cannabis beginnings and now the Hemp market. Chase and Phillip discuss everything from growing in the wetter environments, to the challenges of cross pollination when it comes to hemp operations near recreational cannabis grows.

Western States Hemp has a great story from the last year or two about growing Hemp in Nevada, sourcing hemp seed from Europe, growing Hemp Fiber versus Flower, and even opening discussions up with larger industrial processors in the Paper & Plastics space! They also go into how their growing practice is closer to a Traditional Agriculture approach versus some of the more hands on growing needed for CBD Flower.

Davin and Sierra Cascade Exchange help buyers source the best possible hemp Flower and products from around the United States. Davin goes into how things have changed sourcing since Covid, current prices and trends, and even how they find the best flower for the best price.

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