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The HempList is back every week with at least one interview (Monday’s & Thursdays). Chase Nobles, founder of, welcomes an interesting hemp or cannabis leader to discuss how they got into the industry, the latest innovations, and cannabis news. Guests range from farmers, to scientists, and even investors within the hemp & cannabis industry.

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After facing multiple deaths in the family due to opiate addiction Gary Roberts, a Firefighter, started his mission to explore the benefits of Hemp & Cannabis when it comes to helping people with addiction, ptsd, and depression. Located in Southern Florida, Gary and Chase discuss the opiate crisis, the benefits of hemp & CBD, and even the risks with using hemp products while working a job that requires drug testing. Finally Chase asks Gary to talk about psychedelics and how he sees them playing a role in the market and how that could help even more people.

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More Episodes

Paul’s story starts back in the 80’s working with video game publishers (Activision / Gremlin Interactive) on ground breaking video game titles like Half Life and Grand Theft Auto! From there he talks about getting busted in Texas with a small amount of THC and fighting a 10 year prison sentence and how that led to Herban Bud & helping others. Then Paul & Chase discuss Hemp in Texas and the odd politics that have taken place over the last 1-2 years including a potential smokable Flower ban, and legal Delta 8 for the time being..

Power Biopharms operates an indoor hemp facility out of Fort Worth, Texas that prides itself on being fully vertically integrated, from ‘seeds in to finished products out’. Chase asks Colt & Nick about the learning curves faced while trying to get the business going, and having to master everything from growing indoors to extraction. Colt tried to do it himself, but it wasn’t easy, Nick explains some of the steps they had to take to get the indoor grow bug free, and growing high quality hemp flower.

Finally, the laws in Texas have been changing in regards to smokable flower and products like Delta 8 THC.. Chase asks Colt & Nick how it’s been dealing with Texas politics, and what their plans are for the future in the Hemp / Recreational Cannabis spaces.

William & Chase discuss the unlikely path that brought William to founding a online / retail Hemp store Medaleaf. William had his struggles with opioids after playing football and dealing with multiple injuries, but largely credits CBD and getting into the Hemp business for his recovery. Chase also asks about alternatives like Kratom, and NA meetings, then discusses opening up a retail shop during the Covid pandemic!

Nikita & Chase discuss the variety of businesses that Nikita currently operates in Dallas, TX including a Mental Awareness brand / Podcast (get her awesome sweatshirt & pod here; ), a Munchies inspired food truck (ZZ’s Ice Cream Puffs), and Pretty Rolls the feminine pre roll cones. Chase asks about how Nikita was inspired to include mental health and anxiety themes into her projects, and how she manages it all with young twins! Get inspired to build a great brand and start a cool business with this HempList!

With a background Aerospace Cleaning & Sterilization, Dr. Nelson Sorbo explains how he used his experience to jump into the Hemp / Cannabis extraction business with Cool Clean Technologies, a company that also builds industrial cleaning, cooling, & extraction processes in many applications. Then Chase asks Jake to explain how Cool Clean Technologies has narrowed in on a Fully Automated Subcritical Liquid CO2 extraction system for the Cannabis specific extractions, and how they’ve brought that to market. Additionally, Dr. Sorbo explains some of the science behind their extraction process including what elements of the plant you want to keep in a crude oil, vs everything that is being filtered or processed out and the crew ends the podcast discussing the future of Cannabis if it were to be federally legalized.

Chase & Robert talk about Reef Drinks’ great looking D8 drinks, and discuss how difficult it can be to get a supply chain going for something like a beverage company. They also cover the growing popularity of delta 8 and how it’s inconsistent legality from state to state makes distribution a challenge, including in Texas where the laws changed several times in a couple week period! Finally, Robert & Chase both agree about the future consolidation of cannabis and talk about what could lay ahead for the industry if cannabis was federally legalized. All products mentioned are federally legal and only contain ‘hemp derived cannabinoids’, but states can differ, make sure to look into your local laws & regulations.

David and Chase discuss the legal world surrounding cannabis and hemp, including all the grey areas that can get a starting business mixed up! David’s been helping cannabis companies get a legal start in the industry since 2014, and now they work with everyone from new hemp startups to publicly traded operations. Then Chase asks David to dive into some of the grey areas of the cannabis industry like Minor Cannabinoids and seeking representation in prohibition states.

After James survived a serious heart attack he found himself first using CBD and eventually getting into the business with his brand Calm Peak. Now Calm Peak has become a well established health & wellness company known around the industry and even caching in multiple awards. In addition Patricia, Calm Peak’s lawyer, joins in to talk about what is happening in the industry and where the future of hemp might lead with minor cannabinoids. Everything from the saturation of Delta 8 products to what constitutes a ‘Synthetic’ cannabinoid, and even Terpenes.

Carolyn Sanders & Rob Manson share their story and how they got to growing over 800 hemp plants last year in Western Washington State. While managing day jobs, and aiming for retirement, Carolyn & Rob turned about 1 acre of the family farm (an established foraging pasture that contains Clover, Annual Winter Rye Grass, Pasture Grass, Alfalfa, and Asteraceae) into a thriving outdoor hemp plot! They have tips, tricks, and plenty of advice for anyone growing hemp in a small to medium outdoor setting. They also discuss the general life of homesteading in WA, growing your own food, and managing everything as a couple.

Kyle & Chase discuss Drying, Curing, & Post Harvest for the Hemp / Cannabis industry this week, perfect timing for the Harvest Season! Shivvers Manufacturing has taken their knowledge and experience working with Grain Drying equipment made for industrial farming, and applied that to the growing Hemp industry. Focusing mainly on drying Hemp Biomass, Shivvers has developed systems and equipment to fit even the largest hemp farms drying needs. Chase and Kyle talk about the challenges that come with a transition from Grain to Cannabis, and what’s on the horizon for drying technology!

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