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The HempList is back every week with at least one interview (Monday’s & Thursdays). Chase Nobles, founder of, welcomes an interesting hemp or cannabis leader to discuss how they got into the industry, and the latest obstacles or solutions they’ve come across. Guests range from farmers, to scientists, and even investors within the industry.

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David and Chase discuss the legal world surrounding cannabis and hemp, including all the grey areas that can get a starting business mixed up! David’s been helping cannabis companies get a legal start in the industry since 2014, and now they work with everyone from new hemp startups to publicly traded operations. Then Chase asks David to dive into some of the grey areas of the cannabis industry like Minor Cannabinoids and seeking representation in prohibition states.

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More Episodes

After James survived a serious heart attack he found himself first using CBD and eventually getting into the business with his brand Calm Peak. Now Calm Peak has become a well established health & wellness company known around the industry and even caching in multiple awards. In addition Patricia, Calm Peak’s lawyer, joins in to talk about what is happening in the industry and where the future of hemp might lead with minor cannabinoids. Everything from the saturation of Delta 8 products to what constitutes a ‘Synthetic’ cannabinoid, and even Terpenes.

Carolyn Sanders & Rob Manson share their story and how they got to growing over 800 hemp plants last year in Western Washington State. While managing day jobs, and aiming for retirement, Carolyn & Rob turned about 1 acre of the family farm (an established foraging pasture that contains Clover, Annual Winter Rye Grass, Pasture Grass, Alfalfa, and Asteraceae) into a thriving outdoor hemp plot! They have tips, tricks, and plenty of advice for anyone growing hemp in a small to medium outdoor setting. They also discuss the general life of homesteading in WA, growing your own food, and managing everything as a couple.

Kyle & Chase discuss Drying, Curing, & Post Harvest for the Hemp / Cannabis industry this week, perfect timing for the Harvest Season! Shivvers Manufacturing has taken their knowledge and experience working with Grain Drying equipment made for industrial farming, and applied that to the growing Hemp industry. Focusing mainly on drying Hemp Biomass, Shivvers has developed systems and equipment to fit even the largest hemp farms drying needs. Chase and Kyle talk about the challenges that come with a transition from Grain to Cannabis, and what’s on the horizon for drying technology!

Brett Mayo with Sweetwater Hemp joins us on the HempList this week, hosted By Chase Nobles, Founder of Brett & Chase have a ton to talk about with Sweetwater Hemp; everything from how the family grows herbs for Walmart (if there’s a future in Walmart Hemp Products), and how Sweetwater is currently operating the largest Ice Water Extraction facility in the world! Chase and Brett also get into the science of Ice Water Extraction, and how Sweetwater ensures the cleanest, full spectrum oils that are used to make a wide range of products in the Sweetwater catalog including tinctures, and gummies made in house..

Starting back in 2008, Robert talks about how he got started working with edibles in California, and how that evolved into the current legal marketplace. Robert was one of the founding members of the NCIA and was active in working on cannabis legalizations from state to state. Now with Custom Capsule Consultants Robert & Trish Hill help provide white label capsule services for brands as well as provide their own line of unique products. Trish talks about their philosophy behind designing new products, gives advice for new brands, and even talks about some under utilized product categories in the space. Finally Robert discusses some of the challenges of producing capsules in house and how they have even been working on providing Vegan Capsules!

Chase and Dr. Eberhardt Kuhn have a great discussion starting with some basic Chemistry questions surrounding the differences between different cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Then Dr. Kuhn explains the differences between different methods of testing cannabis such as Liquid Chromatography, mass spectrometry, how they work, and what is specifically used for Cannabis. Chase also has a ton of cannabinoid questions for the PHD Chemist, everything from reading Cannabis Test Results on labels, to CBN conversion in cannabis smuggled from Mexico!

Randy started CannaSafe, a licensed and accredited cannabis laboratory in 2011, the first of its kind in the United States! Chase asks Randy to tell his personal story and how he went from being a chemist to working in the Hemp and Cannabis space with Nanobiologics Research Corp, then gives a detailed breakdown of how our two cannabinoid receptors actually work with cannabinoids. Now Randy has paired up with Billy Malone to manufacture a wide range of nano cannabinoid products, with the focus on water encapsulated nano ingredients rendering 100% bio-availability on cellular uptake!

In this 20 min interview Gary walks us through how Generation Hemp Inc went public, how they’re using one of the largest Hemp processing facilities in the USA, and even talk future expansion plans! First Chase asks about how Gary took his experience from fundraising in the oil and gas industry to taking a hemp company public (and why?). Then learn about what exactly Generation Hemp Inc is doing right now, and some of their plans in the near future.

No introduction needed for one of the most well known and popular trimming machine manufactures Tom’s Tumbler! Chase and Tom discuss everything from starting Tom’s Tumblers with a simple idea (fishing net), to the next evolution of trimming technology. Tom dives deep into why bladeless trimming is better in most cases for trimming hemp and cannabis flower, and even gives us a sneak peak into his next project with Python systems (full plant trimming?!).

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