The Kush Tour – The Emerald Triangle

Some of these farmers have it all figured out. They say that the buds grown in Northern California between Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity is some of the best in the world. Driving up the winding roads you can spot hoop houses peeking out of the trees in every direction. What makes the bud out here so much better? We had the opportunity to visit some of our clients in the area, and I was determined to find out.

We started the tour with a stroll through an outdoor garden. I was immediately struck by how dense and sticky the colas were. Greg, one of our clients, mentioned that the elevation of his farm is perfect for plant growth. His plants will spring up in the morning to stretch for the sun’s rays, but the plot is low enough that he can avoid mold issues associated with the clouds and the fog. He went on to explain how there are certain strains that work great on his native soil that wouldn’t perform quite as well on another lot. You wouldn’t have to take his word for it, the buds were sticky enough to speak for themselves

Every farm we came across was entirely self-sufficient. Susan was very proud to tell us about her rainwater catch that she uses to water her plants all the way through the growing season. Every bit of the plants that cannot be sold is shredded and turned into compost, nothing goes to waste.

There has to be more to it, right? As the day went on we started to piece it together. The atmosphere up in these hills isn’t just good for the plants, its good for the farmers. As the sun went down the skies exploded with an array of colors as if it had burst into flames.

We are continuing the road trip for another two weeks through California than to Las Vegas. Stay up to date on what we’re learning hands-on from farmers like Susan and Greg by following our Instagram account to stay even more informed on what’s happening on the road trip. You’ll be able to check out some snippets of what is going to be on the documentary. The link to all of our social media is on the bottom part of the newsletter!

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