Trim, currently one of the hottest items on the Market in California to date is truly becoming a commodity. All of the large Cache stockpiles from past years are now gone and farmers can’t trim their new crops fast enough to try and meet the demand. Manufacturing companies are buying up every bit they can find for processing while asking for more and more.

Average Marketplace Manufacturing buyers are searching for 10,000 lbs. per month and more. The reality is no quantities of that magnitude of clean compliant trim currently exist in the legal market. Scoring 500 to 1000 lbs. at a time are nice hits, even a few hundred at a time keeps those machines running.

Another recent market development is the overall price of clean trim has gone up from around $85 per pound to now sitting around $100 per pound. Most manufacturers are ailing from the price hikes but the reality is all the trim hitting the market is fresh and processes much more efficiently. Speaking from personal experience decent processing material over 8 months old typically yields around 7 to 8 percent. New processing material 1 to 3 months old typically yields between 10 and 15 percent depending on material quality. The fact that cultivators want a little more for their fresh material is a natural market development. This may change in November when the market is flooded with outdoor crop but this is the current level being set by cultivators for light dep trim.

With over 20% of products still failing Quality Assurance testing in California everyone is learning how to navigate the system and build in fair protections for all parties doing transactions. Cannabis businesses are quickly adapting to the landscape and utilizing new innovative tools such as escrow contracts, mobile onsite tamper proof quarantine, time locks and live security video streaming to protect their interests in transactions.

The days of black market shady practices are quickly being washed away by highly capitalized corporate manufactures, expert organic farmers, and experienced professionals who are taking the reins to navigate this industry the right way.

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