‘Trusted’ Vendors: Launching Oct. 1st

We are on schedule to launch our new ‘Trusted’ program this October! We should have dozens of farms within the program this fall, and the change will help Kush Marketplace in many ways.

Faster Sales

Giving a boost of credibility to sellers that have closed deals and gone through the wholesale process should help buyers make offers. This alone should speed things up. In addition, part of the process to become a ‘Trusted’ seller is gathering all your company information. By doing this upfront we can speed up the post-close process, from buyer introduction to billing.

More Competitive Ads

Everyone’s seen the ads that look too good to be true.. Now you’ll have another question to ask, are they a ‘Trusted’? If not, it could be someone casually fishing for offers and checking prices, but if they are Trusted, you can be assured that it’s a serious ad with real product behind it. On the other end if your a seller looking to get the best price, being in the program can only help.

Benefits for ‘Trusted’ Vendors

The benefits are clear, you should get more offers which will lead to higher offers. Your ads will stand out with a ‘Trusted’ logo, and we’ll have everything needed to speed up the closing process.  This is a free program, there’s no extra charge to becoming a ‘Trusted’ seller, it’s basically like having a blue check next to your name on Twitter. We’ll gather your company and payment info upfront for quicker sales, and your in.

Qualifications & Signing Up

To qualify for the program you will need:

  • 5 deals, or over $30k in sales over the Kush Marketplace with no major issues
  • All of your current Company / Contact info on file
  • Clean payment history, and credit card on file for future billings
  • Annual pesticide screening (coming soon)

To get signed up it’s simple, if you qualify we’ve already reached out! We likely need a little bit more info about your company, or we need your payment method on file. If you don’t qualify but you want to get into the program, let’s work together. There are many farms that are super close to getting over the 5 deals or $30k qualification, and with harvest season coming we can probably double the number of qualified farms in the next 30 days.

If you need anymore information, or if you have any questions, let us know! You can always reach us at 206-587-5874.

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