What are Popcorn Buds and How Can I Use Them?

What Are Popcorn Buds?

Popcorn buds, also known as b-buds, are the smaller flower formations near the bottom or inner workings of the plant. They are not full-blown flowers and are more like tiny fluffs.

What Causes Popcorn Buds? How Are They Grown?

The formation of popcorn buds often occurs from excess heat. If the plants are temperatures above 82°F for an extended period of time, then popcorn bud formation is more likely. Yet another reason why temperature control, air flow, and ventilation are so important when setting up your grow.

How to Prevent Popcorn Buds in Your Grow

Installing the proper equipment in your grow room from the beginning can go a long way in preventing popcorn bud formation. This includes thermometers, proper ventilation, efficient air flow, and air conditioning in some cases. This assures a lower level of stress on the plant that will keep it healthy, happy, and productive.

SCRoG or not to SCRoG

Some growers opt for the SCRoG Method of growing to reduce the likelihood of popcorn bud formation. This method evenly distributes moisture, heat, and airflow into one “screen of green” area. This can reduce the likelihood of popcorn bud growth.

Does Defoliation Help Prevent Popcorn Buds?

Pruning or defoliation are favorites of many growers for preventing popcorn buds as well. Inspecting your plants routinely is not only beneficial for them, but it’s nice for the grower as well. Getting to know how your plants are responding and checking them out for pests, new growth, or just to give some TLC is very important and a great thing.

If popcorn buds are spotted early they can be pruned away and the plants will use the energy that would have sprouted the new bud, and place it into the dense cola at the top of the plant. Increasing cannabinoids and CBD and THC content.

Tips for Outdoor Grows

For some outdoor growers, a mesh UV tarp can be used to create shade in the hottest times of the day. These shades still allow for airflow and some UV penetration. The morning sun’s UV wavelength has been shown to improve growth in plants compared to mid-day or evening. The shade from a UV cover can be an option in reducing heat during sweltering summers.

Proper row and plant spacing are very important as well. Proper room not only allows for space to inspect and harvest, but also proper airflow and circulation to cool the plants when temperatures rise.

[PRO TIP]Keeping temperature levels regulated to between 65-75°F also significantly reduces stress on the plant. This can help in assuring your female plants don’t turn hermaphrodite and self-pollinate.

What Can Popcorn Buds be Used For?

Even if you do everything right, sometimes plants just like to rebel. Popcorn buds will show up, eventually. Don’t fret. Even though they are not as potent as some of the top shelf cola buds, they still can be used for many things. This is an effective way using every part and getting the most out of your plants.

Using Popcorn Buds to Make Hash or Resin

Popcorn buds can easily be stored and used for resin or hash. Making resin is usually done after the full harvest. This is because the keif has been collected using screens on the trimming trays. The keif is then processed into hash and can be used for a variety of products.

Try adding the popcorn buds into the mix. By doing so, you can effectively use them for more weight and kief for your hash or resin production.

Using Popcorn Buds to Make THC or CBD Oil for Edibles

Another common use for popcorn buds is processing. Many growers sell their popcorn buds to processors or do it themselves for use in butter and oils for edibles. Using popcorn bugs lets you save more of your top shelf crop for exclusive distribution as opposed to setting some aside to produce the concentrate for edibles.

What is the Difference When Smoking Popcorn Buds?

Even though they aren’t as potent or as sought after as the top colas, popcorn buds can still be smoked like any other flower. Many growers distribute popcorn buds at a lower price point since they are often given a lower grade in trichome and THC content.

As pesky as b-buds can seemingly be, there are a lot of options and uses for them when they should appear.

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