What to do with Seeded Flower

Its always a scare to find that your flower has seeded, you might have a male or a hermi (hermaphroditic plant) lurking somewhere amongst your ladies, however have no fear. There are still ways to turn your seeded flower into a lucrative sale.

Blast Your Bud – Seeds And All 

  • There are varying testimonials on whether this is a good idea, due to the concerns of seeds impacting the flavor quality of the final product, however here are a few things to consider
    • If you have good flower, as in, if your flower is terpy, trichomed like a snowflake, and robust in its aromatic profile you shouldn’t have to worry too much about its flavor being tainted
    • During the purging process, its very likely that the oils from the seeds will be burned off
    • Cannabis seed also contains cannabinoids which can modify your cannabinoid count and be potentially very appealing to the end consumer
    • *Depending on how your extraction set up is, you may want to try a smaller test run to make sure there isn’t too much waste that accumulates and/or backs up your system

Make a Dry Sift or Bubble Hash

  • Running your flower through a dry sifter or water run for extracting trichomes is a great alternative if you have a high seed count within your flower
    • Hash and Bubble Hash are essentially solventless (minus the water)
    • They isolate the best parts of the plant; leaving you with just seed and dry material
    • You can separate the seed and dry material put them towards other industries – sell  your seed for protein/cooking and your dry material for fertilizer/building material

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