The HempList #48: Growing High Quality Hemp Flower in Oregon ft. Feel Good Hemp

Oregon and Northern California is home to some of the most experienced cannabis and hemp growers in the nation. Hear all about the challenges that come with growing hemp, the differences from traditional cannabis, and the current market for Hemp Flower in this interview!

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In Summary

Joseph Stewart, Robyn McMann with Feel Good Hemp Co. join us on the HempList this week, hosted By Chase Nobles, Founder of

Oregon and Northern California is home to some of the most experienced cannabis and hemp growers in the nation. Hear all about the challenges that come with growing hemp, the differences from traditional cannabis, and the current market for Hemp Flower in this interview!

Transcript (Auto-Generated)

hey everybody chase nobles here founder
of i’ve got joe stewart and
robin mcmann here on the show with us
today from feel good hemp out of
southern oregon how are you all today
doing good how about yourself doing
great doing great it sounds like you all
had a hell of a year down there uh
getting your first crop run
uh on a little over 110 acres how much
that y’all end up growing this year
um well yeah we we actually only did uh
three acres uh last year we have a very
farm here um in southern oregon it’s 110
acre farm but
we like to focus on uh you know
and you know the natural resources and
doing a little bit smaller
uh crops that we can manage and develop
in a better product for our consumers
that’s like really what we’re focusing
on here
so uh yeah pretty relatively
you know small crop in this in the
scheme of things when you’re looking out
but our yields were were very good uh
getting uh over a thousand pounds of
really really quality product we’re not
talking about the undergrowth and you
know small as we’re talking about
good usable flower you know nice top
chunky nugs you know that look really
really good
um compared to a lot of uh the other
products that are out there right now
you know right on joe and uh robin how
did the year treat you what was that
first harvest like
you know getting this is a first
year crop for you all so i’m sure
there’s a lot of stresses involved
what did that entail for you guys
wow it was it was a lot of work involved
you know
a lot of manual labor getting out there
getting your hands dirty
working up a sweat working in the sun
tending to the plants
you know giving them all the love that
we can and
using you know no synthetic
products to to care for them and
you know it was it was great i really
enjoy working
out with nature and i really enjoy
working on the farm and it was it was
cool to see the differences
in between hemp and cannabis because i’m
used to working with cannabis
it’s definitely a lot different we hack
the whole plant down you know
and it’s the plants are a lot smaller um
but the end product ends up looking
very similar and it tastes really good
right on and joe did uh was it was it
challenging to grow
you know looking at the difference
between cannabis and hemp
even though yeah it was it was
a challenge you know uh i’m a hands-on
type of guy i’m the guy that’s out there
doing the stuff um
i’m one that i i would usually rather do
it than hire somebody because a lot of
times i feel like
i can think about it and get it done a
little bit better you know what i mean
and anna’s going to be cheaper in the
long run and for longevity
you know that’s what you need to do so
it was a completely different beast
running the tractors you know putting
the drip line in
um you know it’s it’s a whole different
animal and when you’re the guy
out there doing it hooking up these
pumps you know running these long
runs of of line we gotta like i said we
got a unique property where
we we uh harvest all of our rain water
over the winter time on a 10-acre
wetland and pond where it catches really
nice we’re
in this sweet spot positioned in between
rogue national forest and umpqua
national forest
and the siskiyou mountains and the
cascades so we got this really sweet
drainage of good water coming off all
these mountain ranges
and we just harvested up and then uh we
got 10 acres of irrigated pasture
and uh yeah we’re looking to expand and
develop some some really good product
for people here in the next few years
yeah it’s a beautiful area down there
i’ve been there a couple times
absolutely love it seems like it’s
always green always beautiful
and some of the highest quality hemp and
cannabis comes out of that region
especially with you know the sheer
knowledge base in those valleys down
so i’m sure that was a pretty big
benefit as far as having experience help
to you know come in and
give you a hand when you need it now
that being said
you were you said that you were growing
for high quality you know kind of
top colas top nugs for i would assume
for smokeable flour
um what did that mean as far as the
process goes were you
were you kind of lollipopping them the
whole time or or did you let them bush
out what what
in what way do you um target smokeable
flour and high-quality flour
as a farmer well
first of all you got to be in the right
area you know i mean if you want to get
those giant nugs you know you got to be
in that sweet spot
so to say you know where the climate’s
just right
and you get super long days sun exposure
is everything
you know it comes in a lot of it comes
in along with dirt and ground and you
know all that of course you know but
you know that comes with uh you know
trial and error
you know being able to look at a spot
and saying okay
yeah we’re not really getting blocked up
by much mountains here
you know we know the wind doesn’t blow
too hard here it’s not going to really
beat everything down real hard
you know they’ve got the good season
start advantage uh longer seasons in the
end i mean you know so that’s that’s you
just kind of knowing
knowing that and then feed regiments
really you know
if you know timing is everything in this
you know you follow the moon phases
follow the seasons
you know when to put them in you know
you know when to feed them hard
you know when not to feed them hard you
know it’s coming you know you’ve seen it
a bunch of times already so right and uh
when it comes to thc
compliance how has the local regulations
in oregon
been for the farmers down there
especially if you’re growing smokeable
it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of
when things might go hot yeah they’re
yeah they’re making it tough you know
what i mean uh we’ve got one of the
lower percentages
that you gotta be compliant with you
know so you gotta
take that nick count too you know and
that’s where knowing your new
your nutrients and when to put what in
and when not put what in
you know what i mean is going to come in
a little bit too um
luckily i have a couple other friends
good friends of mine that are also in
the industry you know they’ve been doing
it for a couple years longer than me
you know so i’ve had them to bounce a
lot of this knowledge back and forth off
when we’re like all right i’m not quite
sure about this one this is a little
different than what i’m used to
you know they’re able to usually step in
and give us some good advice there
which that goes a long way because you
people have definitely made mistakes and
it’s cost them a lot of money here
so right it’s great now robin looking
after you know
looking after the crop and getting
through the first year what’s what’s on
the horizon for feel good hemp where do
you all want to go
what are y’all thinking for next year
what’s kind of the game plan as it comes
being such a new business
well right now i think what’s next for
us would be establishing uh
relationships with some reliable buyers
who are interested in
a small crop that’s been grown with love
other than going with one of these
bigger industrial where it’s not so
personable and um we just
actually dropped off some of our
flour to get and um to get it processed
into different salves and
tinctures and lip balms and so i think
possibly in the future we’re gonna be
marketing those
and yeah we just really um are looking
um anyone who wants to
share this uh share this
beautiful thing that we’ve created with
beautiful that’s amazing well uh robin
and joe
if if anybody out there wants to feel
good they need to get in touch with you
because you guys are called feel good
and i think that’s a lovely name i’m
really excited that y’all were able to
have a successful first year harvest and
i look forward to seeing what the next
year brings for you we’ll have to do
this again soon
thank you so much yeah thank you have a
good day

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