Pretty Rolls / @Anxietyisamutha on Mental Health, Femininity in Hemp, & Business as a Busy Mom! |HempList #65

Nikita & Chase discuss the variety of businesses that Nikita currently operates in Dallas, TX including a Mental Awareness brand / Podcast (get her awesome sweatshirt & pod here; ), a Munchies inspired food truck (ZZ’s Ice Cream Puffs), and Pretty Rolls the feminine pre roll cones. Chase asks about how Nikita was inspired to include mental health and anxiety themes into her projects, and how she manages it all with young twins!

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In Summary

Nikita Seal owner of several businesses including Pretty Rolls joins Chase Nobles, CEO of on this HempList Podcast (#65)

Nikita & Chase discuss the variety of businesses that Nikita currently operates in Dallas, TX including a Mental Awareness brand / Podcast (get her awesome sweatshirt & pod here; ), a Munchies inspired food truck (ZZ’s Ice Cream Puffs), and Pretty Rolls the feminine pre roll cones. Chase asks about how Nikita was inspired to include mental health and anxiety themes into her projects, and how she manages it all with young twins! Get inspired to build a great brand and start a cool business with this HempList!

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Transcript (Auto-Generated)

hey everybody chase nobles here founder
over at today i’ve got a show
for you it’s nikita seal from pretty
roles and wow what a brand does she have
and i can’t wait to introduce you to you
nikita thanks for coming on the show
thank you so much for having me as you
stated my name is nikita seal i am a
serial entrepreneur
mother of six-year-old twins i have a
food truck podcast clothing line
um so pretty much what brought me into
this business i could i can’t tell that
story without talking about my mental
health awareness brain anxiety as a
mother um and anxiety as the mother
started a little bit before the pandemic
my co-host which is my first cousin and
i you know conversations that we were
having on a recurring basis you know
talking about our anxiety our depression
and then
seemed like the whole world started
talking about it so for us to kind of be
you know in that field in that lane you
know as advocates prior to something you
know as crazy as what’s going on right
um so anxiety is a mother is a podcast
it’s a clothing line i always say
anything that i do in the business that
i create mental health awareness has to
be at the forefront so which brings me
into my second business which is my food
truck and i’m sorry it’s uh these ice
cream pumps i always tell people these
is munchie’s own meals so what that is
is a fried doughnut stuffed with cold
ice cream and cereal toppings so we
actually started these one year ago in
uh november right in the center of kovic
you know which is probably crazy but i
don’t do you know things that make sense
to most people
so that also brings me into pretty roles
you know just having zzz’s and having
fun you know feeling more confident in
myself you know knowing that i can
create whatever i want to create however
i want and put my own you know energy
and you know fast or whatever into it so
pretty rose came about you know i was
sitting down
you know i got laid off independently
from my nine to five so i’m like oh you
know i could smoke i can do what i want
so now i’m exploring these new things
that i never really got to experience
you know because it’s legal here in
texas but anyway so
i was sitting there and i was trying to
roll the roll of joy and i’m like i suck
at this like i always have to you know
try to patch it up just so the smoke
doesn’t leave out and i was like you
know what would be cool if i created my
own pre-roll cones and made them pink
made them fun made them very feminine
and i always tell people um here at
pretty roles we create luxury
experiences for the feminist smoker so
you know sitting there trying to roll my
joint and having that idea of the pink
the you know feminine pre-roll and
that’s how pretty roles came about you
know it’s to play on words pre-roll
pretty row because they’re actually
pretty they’re pink nice slow i’m
actually sitting here smoking one myself
but this is what they look like when
they’re all rolled up
that’s how we got pretty rose i know
that was a whole lot no no i appreciate
it and that’s you know i think that’s
why people cover this podcast is to you
know get a little bit of the character
who’s building these businesses who’s
building these brands
you said you have two six year uh
six-year-old twins at home that must be
crazy for anybody out there listening
that’s also a parent i just had a
four-month-old little girl at home um
what is the balance how do you do it
with you know two little ones that
you’re you’re responsible for how do you
maintain the focus and the drive and you
know get things done whenever you have
you know two twin girls that’s gotta be
uh now actually it’s a boy and a girl so
zzz’s my food truck is actually actually
named after them uh these ice cream
hustle my twins are zion and zeit but
that’s a really good question um it’s
really hard to stay balanced it really
is you know um honestly they’re my main
motivators for everything that i do i
always feel like you know if i go ahead
and hustle hustle hustle and lay the
foundation for everything it’s gonna be
really tough but if i go ahead and lay
the foundation we’ll be good in five to
ten years yeah we’ll be good even next
year you know i mean we’re a lot further
than we were a year or so though but
just kind of staying balanced i you know
i meditate i pray um i
practice mindfulness
um doing the podcast anxiety as a mother
definitely keeps me grounded my kids
tell me like it is so they help keep me
grounded um and keep me motivated but
honestly before i went into this phase
of creating all of these businesses i
had to have a conversation with myself
and set my mind to you know something is
gonna have to come first and i was like
i’m gonna have to put this in myself
even before my kids you know because
they mean so much to me but it’s hard to
be in mommy mode you know 70 percent of
the time and still try to carry these
things so it’s like something’s gonna
have to lack you know the love is gonna
still be there so i set my kids down and
i talk to them and i say hey you know
it’s going to be this space because it’s
just me and my kids so i was like we’re
going to go through this phase where
um mommy is not going to be able to do
everything that you used to be doing you
know taken to the park um i definitely
have to sacrifice you know um
in spirit when you’re channeling all of
your energy into these major products
you know i could be a little more
irritated and irritable with my kids so
now that things are starting to balance
out businesses are doing amazing you
know we’re actually seeing some some
income and profits coming in i feel like
i can breathe a little bit better spend
a little bit more time with my kids to
actually be more present
you know so sorry
i love the honesty i think the honesty
is so important in what you said you
know about blocking out time make sure
you have enough time to get everything
that you need to get done because it’s
got to be stressful
now um
you’re wearing the your anxiety hoodie
um what was the brand i could is anxiety
is a mother is that what it is anxiety
is a mother yep because
no i love it i think that
bringing that mental health aspect to
the business into the brand is is really
important i think it’s something that
gets flaunted a lot in marketing but not
actually addressed a lot in the products
um how do you
how do you take pretty roles and really
deliver on that brand promise around
anxiety is it is it the
the the design is it the targeting is it
the femininity what how do you how do
you take that brand and bring the mental
awareness and bury them together what
have you done so far
um speaking of marrying them together
this is the actual collaboration of
anxiety as a mother and pretty rose so
you know i always try to find ways to
make my brand you know mesh in some way
and with mental health awareness being
at the forefront you know and pretty
rose being pink what could what type of
design can i do um to incorporate the
both of them without you know making it
more about
i’m trying to get you guys to smoke my
product you know so it’s just the peak
like that’s that’s all it is this is how
i’m wearing it it’s the pink um and so
once you know you see the message then
you know you want to hear what i have to
say and then you learn about pretty well
or vice versa maybe you you’re
introduced to me through pretty well or
you know you meet in uh pretty roles and
then you learn that anxiety as a mother
exists and it’s so much bigger than
zzz’s or pretty roles it’s about the
you know right on i love it i think the
branding is beautiful
i think it’s awesome to see more
diversity in this space it is a
male-dominated industry it’s
specifically like dominated industry i
contribute to that right um so it is
amazing to have some diversity on the
podcast and see what you’re doing with
it i think it’s just absolutely
incredible and a beautiful brand um
where are you located nikita
um i’m here in dallas
right on i think we might have met at
the trade show to say you look super
familiar yeah it’s uh and you made it
out to the texas him convention tonight
what’s happening yeah what do you think
of what’s happening in the market
um i think things are going really great
i’m excited you know i’m hearing chatter
that legal uh it’s probably gonna be
legal here in the next few years some
people say it a lot sooner than that so
i’m excited you know i’m still a baby in
this industry so i don’t really know all
the laws and all that stuff but the more
you know i co-exist in this world i’m
picking up on a lot of stuff so
i don’t know a lot but
i’m loving being in this space learning
it’s super cool to see the brand out
there because a lot of people in states
that where recreational cannabis is not
start in hint right pretty roles is a
brand that i could see bridging that gap
from cbd and cbn into you know delta
things like that all the way over into
the recreational thc market i think it’s
just absolutely wonderful do you have
plans if weed gets legalized in texas
to to make that jump is that something
that you want to do
oh hell yeah i don’t know if i can
encourage the heck yeah i say whatever
you want to we are we get we
we get age censored on youtube anyway so
do what you want
i’m not leaving any coins on the table
like i see so much opportunity you know
i already see all these cbd and smoke
shops popping up and i already know you
know that people preparing themselves
for the potential of you know having
that as a dispensary but i can see me
opening like a fully feminine
dispensary just i don’t know lounge i
just see great grade three thanks for
pretty rolls um
i don’t know i don’t want to talk about
too much if you’re not sure but i love
that you’re owning it
i love that you’re owning it um there’s
there’s a lot of brands that target
women but maybe don’t
own it as hard and i think that the the
logo the concept the
even how you decided to build you know
the brand around pre-rolls because you
just weren’t
comfortable making pre-rolled joints uh
rolling your own joints i think that’s
that’s just the honesty is going you
know just yeah right through the
messaging and so
i do want to ask have you run into
challenges you know um being a you know
african-american female entrepreneur you
know somebody that has something to say
and is bringing a product to market and
actually making some really serious
strides doing that um just with what
you’ve done so far have you run into any
challenges that maybe other people
wouldn’t run into something that
um anybody else out there in a similar
situation thinking about starting a
business that they should be aware of
and at least you know um try to get in
front of or have a plan
hmm no i wouldn’t say i would and i and
that could be because of where i am with
pretty rose you know i’m not really
touching any of the health the cbd the
thc any of it i only sell papers that’s
me you know so no i don’t think i’ve
really faced any challenges in that
avenue like i said i’m still so new
there’s so much more for me to learn
i would say just kind of you know more
so finding my community that’s the only
challenge that i’m facing you know i
have people that i know
you know that are you know already kind
of deeply in this in this industry but i
would love to have a lot more you know
awesome well it’s exciting to hear that
because there’s a lot of challenges in
the space already
fortunately i do think that acceptance
is a big part of this industry and um uh
the embracing the diversity i
i absolutely love it so
um with that good luck with the business
it’s a beautiful brand beautiful product
you know own the dallas market and i
can’t wait to see where you are five
years from now because i think that this
brand could be absolutely huge and
congratulations on getting it started
and getting your your
your products out to the world thank you
i appreciate that thank you so much for
having me on this show and i’m not only
taking over dallas i’m taking over the
world right good for you good for you
that’s the that’s the right answer
awesome nikita it’s been a pleasure
talking with you good luck with
everything we’ll be in touch

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