Is There a Cannabis Shortage in Washington State?

Is washington experiencing a cannabis shortage? It’s time, we’re officially calling it. The Washington Cannabis Market is experiencing a shortage in raw materials. This is the first time in a long time that you’ve heard those words used to describe the Washington market. We have had a suspicion based on hearsay in the industry, but […]

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Pesticides: Is Self Regulation Coming

At the Kush Marketplace, we’ve been keeping a close eye on pesticides within Washington Cannabis. By now you’ve heard about the Ike’s OK program, but what’s coming next might change the industry. LCB Considering Changes There’s alot to talk about on the pesticide front so far this year. The good news is that the LCB […]

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Group Buys are LIVE

Earlier this week we announced a new feature on the Kush Marketplace  for purchasing and selling bulk ancillary products within the cannabis industry. Group Buys give buyers, of all size, the power to organize with fellow farms and make organized purchases at great prices, while giving sellers an easy way to distribute large amounts of […]

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Kush Marketplace State of the Cannabis Industry

State of the Legal Cannabis Market Following Fall Harvest:

Since October, concentrate prices have fluctuated but are still selling at expected rates. Retail ready dabs on the Wholesale Marketplace sell as high as the $4 per gram, while the average is under $3 per gram. […]

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Group Buys ‘Beta’

Check out the Group Buy Feature What if we could all organize and use the marketplace to get better prices on everything from soil to glass jars? What if even the smallest farms could benefit from the industry’s buying power? Kush Marketplace has launched a streamlined process for bulk purchasing and selling ancillary products within […]

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10 Reasons Why Deals Fall Through (and how to avoid)

If you’ve had deals fall through in the legal cannabis game, you’re not alone. The Kush Marketplace can help ease the hassle of wholesale, but there’s still some very common reasons that deals fall through. Here’s our ‘Top 10’ list and how to avoid them. #10 – Wrong (Missing) Contact Info You can edit the […]

Read More Trusted Vendor Program: 2019 Update

Big changes to the Trusted Vendor program in 2019. Buyers can now count on all ‘Trusted’ vendors to have a clean pesticide test as well as being easy to work with. When it comes to cars, boats, homes, or any big purchase, you’ll want to buy from a credible place. You go with the […]

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Pesticide Changes in WA

In previous months we’ve been following pesticides very closely in the Washington cannabis market. January brings new public pesticide tests from the Ike’s Ok program, and we have new pesticide regulations from the WALCB. January Pesticide Results from ‘Ike’s OK’ New year, new cannabis industry. Now we are four months into the public pesticide testing […]

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Wholesale Returns & Rejections (WA)

By now everybody has dealt with returns and rejections in I502. It can get messy, but as long as fair practices are followed there is a place for fair rejections and returns. In short, try to reject complete lots upon delivery, if you do need to arrange a return try to within 3 days and […]

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Pesticide Updates: What to Expect in 2019

The last quarter of 2018 was an interesting one in the Washington Cannabis Market. Here’s everything you need to know about the current pesticide problem in WA and what this could mean for cannabis in 2019. Updates to the ‘Ike’s OK’ Program Much of the late 2018 pesticide awareness was started with the launching of […]

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