D8, CBG, & CBD Hemp Flower Price Statistics 2021

It’s time for Croptober, and kush.com has put together an in depth analysis of all the hemp and cannabis sales on Kush Marketplace!

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CBD Hemp Flower
Average Price Per Pound 2021

Noticeable CBD Flower Trends:

In the past, prices have fluctuated in a yearly cycle that revolves around Harvest season. For most outdoor farms, this lays between late September to Early November or Croptober!

This year is no different. Notice how the prices for outdoor CBD flower fall as the 2020 harvest ages. From close to $200/lb in March, to around $160/lb in August (Down 20%). Meanwhile Greenhouse & Indoor Flower saw a great boost in prices this August, right before the 2021 outdoor harvest (10-20% up from the yearly lows).

CBG Hemp Flower
Average Price Per Pound 2021

We’ve sorted the nearly 4,000 different products posted on Kush.com (from March to August, 2021) by grow medium & cannabinoids. The chart above excludes any Delta 8, D10, CBD ect, and focuses on CBG hemp flower. Look for more pricing statistics including: Offers Made data, Offers Accepted data, Current Market Prices, and more in our Members Only Content!

Delta 8 Hemp Flower
Average Price Per Pound 2021

Note: We found that Delta 8 products made up about 25% of all Hemp Flower products during this time period!

Noticeable Delta 8 Pricing Trends:

The Delta 8 Flower Products on kush.com vary more than any other category. Names of products include everything from, “95% D8 Infused White CBG” to “Delta 8 Sprayed Greenhouse Flower“. Because of the wide range of products available, we have seen prices fluctuate through the year.

The trendlines on the other hand hold fairly steady at around $450/lb for Outdoor D8 Flower, and $570/lb for Indoor & Greenhouse flower. That should be a pretty good indication of where the average price holds, but depending on your specific product expect a range of +/- 15%.

Comparing With Average Offers Made & Offers Accepted

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