Kush.com: How the Kush Marketplace Works

The Kush marketplace has been growing exponentially since 2017! Here’s a quick guide for how Kush.com currently works;

In Short

To get started, go to kush.com and make an account. Make sure to include all your company / contact information and then schedule a call with the onboarding team from the links provided in your onboarding emails.

If you don’t have a hemp specific license you may be prevented from completing some transactions, like seeds, but any tax paying business can be validated on the Hemp side of kush.com.

Selling products will require a ‘Basic Membership’, but buyers will have access to the site as soon as
their validated, and even sooner for products that allow non-validated buyer inquiries!

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Buying On Kush.com

If your sourcing material in the legal Hemp / Cannabis landscape, there’s no downside to using Kush.com.When you find a product you’re interested in, you can either Request More Information, or Make an Offer. All actions will open a direct anonymous chat with the seller where you can further negotiate, get access to their uploaded documents, and make an offer from the inputs at the bottom. Additionally, if you’ve signed up for a premium membership, you can share your company / contact information at any time in the process!

Once an offer is accepted, Kush will verify both users before sending an introduction with all the company / contact information provided. This process is usually completed within the hour* for non-membership deals, but is completed Instantly for Premium Member’s products.

Additionally, with the new Square Integrations, Kush Direct Pay will allow buyers to enter their credit card in while you make an offer. Just look for the Green Checkmark that shows the product accepts Direct Pay;

When using Direct Pay, buyers will have the option to enter in credit card info while making an offer, securely with Square Payment Processing. Once the seller accepts the offer, the payment is automatically processed and the two users are introduced with all the company / contact information to complete the deal! More information in this Direct Pay Blog Post.

(*Outside of regular business hours / holiday times may vary)

Making A Sale

To be verified as a seller you’ll need to sign up for a Membership, starting at just $15/mo for the Basic plan. Or upgrade to the Premium membership which will avoid fees for introductions on kush.com, give you the ability to share company / contact information anywhere, and many other features like the Storefronts, and Kush Direct Pay

Once your validated and have an active membership, you’re ready to sell. Just post your listing and check your My Conversations page for new questions and offers. You’ll also receive email notifications for any buyer actions, just make sure to turn on your email (or even SMS txt!) notifications from the My Account page.

Once an offer is accepted, you’ll receive an introduction with all the company / contact information provided for the buyer. Now you can treat it like any other sale! You’ll need to provide the acceptable payment methods, and they’ll need to provide a current shipping address and any other information requested. Additionally, if your a Premium Member you may have Kush Direct Pay enabled for automatic payment processing, right at offer accept.

There are some fees (like square & kush processing fees) when the Kush Direct Pay is used, but introductions are Free for Premium Members. When you make a successful sale as a Basic Member there may be an Introduction fee applied. The fees are explained at product posting, offer accept, and kush.com/terms. Also, non-premium products will be marked up during product posting roughly 6% to help cover any potential fees. Keep in mind we won’t send our invoice or charge for any fees until delivery is complete, this way we can account for any returns or rejections. If there’s no deal, there’s no fee.

Wanted Ads

The Wanted Ads section lets buyers post exactly what they need, and allows sellers to be proactive in seeking out sales.

As a buyer, you can post a ‘wanted ad’ for whatever your current sourcing needs are. Sellers with fitting products can compete for your sale by sending you their listing which starts an instant chat conversation. From there you have direct communication with the motivated seller and can make offers or request further information.


The Premium Kush Membership will give you a VIP experience on one of the best cannabis / hemp eCommerce sites in the nation! Not only will you gain access to additional features like analytics, but you’ll also be able to close sales with no additional fees and trade your company / contact information freely. Consider it your all access pass to the legal hemp and cannabis world! More information, and a link to sign up here; Kush.com/memberships

Here’s a full list of all the Membership benefits;

  • Browse more than 18,000 products
  • Ability to Buy & Sell any hemp products
  • Compliant, wholesale marketplace
  • Expedited validation (within 2 business days)
  • Instantly view product documentation
  • Custom online storefront
  • Access to Kush Direct Pay
  • No transaction fees on any deal
  • Access & share contact information
  • Communicate with non-valid users
  • Priority customer support
  • Access to member-only content
  • Discount on featured products
  • SMS alerts on conversations & orders

Promote Your Products

Need fast results? The fastest way to gain popularity on a post, or get fast offers, will be to Promote your product from the ‘My Products’ page. Choose how long you’d like to promote your product, and at what level. From there you’ll not only move to the top of everybody’s product page, but you’ll also receive;

  • Gold Featured Product badge on product listing.
  • Premium product placement to ensure increased impressions, ahead of all other listing types.
  • Receive 18x increased page views on average.
  • Product listing shared across all Kush managed social media accounts.

Look out during checkout for valuable Add Ons, like the Newsletter Feature for only $50!

If you have any questions, let us know! You can always reach us at info@kush.com

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