D8, CBG, Full Spectrum & CBD Hemp Distillate Price Statistics 2021

It’s time for Croptober!

Harvest is near, and to help you price extractions this year we’ve broken down all of the distillate products and offers on kush.com for the last 6 months.

Below you’ll find the average listing price across all Delta 8, CBG, Full Spectrum, and CBD Distillates. Fore an even more in depth analysis see our Members Only Content for the extended version including offers and offer accepted! Not a member yet? Get access to sell on kush.com and many additional features with the Premium Membership, more details Here.

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Average Price For 1kg CBD Distillate

We’ve sorted the nearly 4,000 different products posted on Kush.com (from March to August, 2021) by cannabinoid content. The chart above excludes any Delta 8, Full Spectrum, CBG ect, and focuses on only CBD hemp distillate.

Average Price For 1kg CBG Distillate

Noticeable CBG Distillate Trends

CBG distillate prices seemed to hold near $2000/kg, until July & August where the average listing price nearly halved. Could this be to an increase in supply? The time period does correlate with the first waves of Light-Dep flower harvest, and could point to more CBG growers this year (a sudden influx in supply, pushing prices down).

Average Price For 1kg
Full Spectrum Distillate

Full Spectrum products are typically CBD dominant, but contain other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, and other minor cannabinoids. Notice that the average listing prices are slightly below CBD distillate.

Average Price For 1kg Delta 8 Distillate

Noticeable Delta 8 Trends:

Delta 8 THC has taken over the marketplace as one of the newest popular cannabinoids. Though it’s only been around for a year or two, it already makes up about 20% of all the product listings placed on kush.com.

As more farmers and labs decide to produce Delta 8 products we’d expect the prices to fall, but that’s not the case.. yet. From looking at the yearly average, it seems that the average listing prices for Delta 8 Distillate have stayed fairly steady around $1,200-1,400/kg. Is consumer demand holding pace with the increase in production? And how long will that last?

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