Greenhouse, Hoop House, Light Dep (How to Classify Cannabis & Hemp)

There are so many ways to grow cannabis, it can make your head spin. Indoor, outdoor, green house or hoop house? In pots or in the ground? Soil, soilless, medium or no medium. Let’s not even go into the “ponics”. Every grower has a reason for why they grow the way they do.

These many different approaches to the cultivation of fine ass cannabis can cause a bit of confusion. Prices of cannabis really only break down to the buyers and consumers as; Indoor, Outdoor or Greenhouse as far as the end product on the shelf of the recreational store. Indoor and outdoor grow methods are fairly straight forward but it’s in the hybrid growing is where some discrepancies lay.

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Hoop Houseย 

Hoop house bare bones

The first of the hybrid of an outdoor grow is the hoop house. The typical hoop house is mostly a semi temporary structure, most likely taking a PVC tubing and anchoring on either side making an arch. Then having some sort of translucent covering allowing the natural light to penetrate. Some may add another layer of covering that allows no light penetration for light deprivation.ย  Using the suns natural light and some man power to control how much light and darkness the crop gets. This is considered “light dep”. Now, I know that I’m preaching to the choir with this information. I don’t believe this information is news to anyone reading this article. What may be news is, Hoop house is not looked at as greenhouse. In fact, as far as pricing is concerned, it’s closer to outdoor to most buyers.


Greenhouse with soil ground

Greenhouse grows come in various sizes and forms as well. Greenhouses range from basically being a large built out hoop house to a grow that might as well be indoor. We see a few greenhouse that have Gavitas lighting, concrete floors, completely sealed and total controlled environments. Almost like an indoor grow with a retractable roof, but we also see structures that have none of that.ย Sealed, has concrete floors or supplemental lighting, none of that matters as much as…… well does your product come out?

In Conclusion

Bottom line is quality of product. We know that THC/CBD percentages are not the end all be all to quality but let’s face it, it matters…A LOT! We also understand that some strains will never be testing above 20% but it does seem that the end customer asks more and more, “What’s the THC percentage?”. Buyers are looking for quality and there’s a lot of quality cannabis out there. Separate yourself from the rest. Your description of the care you take in growing your product when you are posting on the marketplace is looked at more than you know. When you create an ad, post great pictures and please describe your methods. Buyers are looking for something that stands out. Describe what makes your product special.

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