How to start a Conversation on the Marketplace 

  • Browse through Cannabis/Hemp Product listings

  • Select a Product Ad you are interested in

  • “Request More Information”

  • The Request Window will Automatically Prompt You. It will look like this:

  • Fill out the details for your request and press submit.

  • The details of your request will be posted below. Your conversation has begun.

  • Use the text box to add a message to your conversation.

  • Click “Request Samples”, “Schedule Call” or “Schedule Visit” and the below prompt will appear.

  • Fill out the details and press submit. The following will appear.

  • To Make and Offer, look below the text box

  • Click on Make Offer

  • The following prompt will appear. Fill out the Offer Details.

  • Click Review and make sure your offer details are correct.

  • Click Submit and the Offer will be added to your Conversation like below.

  • Following your Offer you will be contacted by a member of the Kush Team to confirm the details and transport.
  • Congratulations. You just completed a deal!




Kush Marketplace