Product Update: Internal Messaging Between Buyers & Sellers

Here at Kush Marketplace, we’ve been researching the biggest pain points buyers and sellers face regarding transactions in the cannabis industry. As a marketplace we serve both sides of orders, and I can tell you how complicated & difficult the process can be. Here’s a short list of 10 major pain points on each side:


  1. Managing Available Inventory
  2. Forecasting Supply
  3. Organizing / Scheduling Lab Tests
  4. Valuing Inventory
  5. Finding Buyers
  6. Negotiating Price
  7. Confirming Shipment Details
  8. Transportation Logistics
  9. Managing Accounts Receivable
  10. Handling Rejected Orders



  1. Managing Supply
  2. Forecasting Demand
  3. Understanding Price Trends
  4. Managing Cash on Hand
  5. Filtering Supply by Criteria
  6. Gather Product Information
  7. Negotiating Price
  8. Transportation Logistics
  9. Receiving/Validating Orders
  10. Managing Accounts Payable

Our last update converted all listed products & deals and made them compatible with our searching and filtering tools found in the buyer dashboards. Since then, transactions have been increasing an average of 95% month over month. This growth has helped us build the list of pain points above. We decided to focus our development efforts on issues that plague both sides of the marketplace to create the most value possible with our limited resources as a startup.

Our most recent update allows internal communication between buyers and sellers on the platform! We’ve built in features such as information requests, direct messaging, and the ability to make offers all in one place. Sellers can reply to interested buyers and send the details necessary to close a deal. One of the biggest features for sellers is that when you update one product, the platform automatically notifies every buyer that has expressed interest.

Additionally, new actions are available through the platform such as schedule a phone callschedule a meeting, and request samples! The surprising lack of follow up in this industry forced us to get involved as a company. We work on your behalf to make a meeting happen if it’s possible. Accountability here is key.

One of the less obvious features of the platform is anonymous communication. +70% of interactions do not result in a consummated transaction. This is ok, but sometimes feelings get hurt when interest does not convert into an order. With anonymous communication, no feelings get hurt and there is little to no reputational damage. It’s all business. Buyers and sellers can post products, create buyer requests, and experiment with price anonymously. This puts everyone on the same playing field, big or small.

Once a deal is consummated on the platform, we confirm details on both sides and start an order confirmation where the manifest, invoice, and logistics are all worked out. We save you time and money so you can focus on what’s important.

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