On this week’s episode of The Budding Report, we are joined by Denise Mahaffey and Jessica Chandler of Canna World Expo as well as Chef Mary Adams.

The guests join our hosts Charles Horton, Melissa Nasits and Christian Shaw, MD, PhD, as we discuss the petition currently in the Supreme Court requesting that the federal statute criminalizing cannabis should be declared unconstitutional.

Denise Mahaffey, a former national Director of Marketing, founded Mahaffey Enterprises, Inc. (MEI) in 2005 and in 2019 co-founded Trinity Global Enterprises, LLC, a public relations and media agency. TGE Research and TGE Media were also created to pioneer and grow emerging industries with marketing, PR and media. Through Mahaffey’s leadership, mass awareness of industries has ranged from IT and biotech to consumer and pet products, research, agriculture natural wellness and more.

Raised in a family of property developers, Jessica Chandler’s career in real estate began in her 20s. Her passion is buying and holding real estate as well as empowering women to pursue work-life balance by owning income producing property. She rose through the real estate industry honing her craft and became an accredited real estate investor. Jessica Chandler’s passion for real estate combines public speaking and an empowering educational program, Legacy Wealth Nation, that launches publicly January 2020.

Although she has a Culinary Degree from LeCordonBleu Mary’s passion for cooking began long ago in the kitchen cooking beside her grandmother and mom. She has worked in every phase of restaurants and recently managed Florida for an Artisan Bread Company while growing her education and experience with cannabis. Her first Canna Cooking Segment was done in the Magical Butter Kitchen and she is forever grateful to Chef Renee, Chris and Garyn for their generous spirit and hospitality; and CRWorld to share her passion about combining cannabis with food. Her goal is to increase acceptance in mainstream society of cannabis as a real and viable medicine that can change their quality of life; and sometimes save their lives.

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