On this week’s episode of The Budding Report, we are joined by Dr. Golda Joseph and NFL Superbowl Champion Marvin Washington.

The guests join our hosts Charles Horton, Melissa Nasits, Christian Shaw, MD, PhD, and Chris Perri as we discuss Congressional Lawmakers Ask Supreme Court to Hear Marijuana Lawsuit against DEA.

Dr. Golda Joseph has 50 years of entrepreneurial and facilitation experience as an Integrative Psychotherapist/Nutritionist, Organizational Development Consultant and Transformational Teacher. She currently is the Chief Organization Development and Health Psychology Officer for JADE. She co-created a comprehensive multi-sided cannabis, nutrition, and psychedelic health care platform that guides users, healthcare providers and the healthcare industry to gain deep personalized insights on how to best use plant-based medicines. Her research and development team have created a bioinformatics secure scientific system to “end the confusion” surrounding how cannabis and other plant-based medicines should be personalized and formulated for numerous known therapeutic beneficial results and research.

Dr. Golda also is the C.E.O. of Regeneration Health, Inc. Her passion and life purpose has been to empower women and families to regenerate using natural therapeutics. Dr. Golda trains professional practitioners and facilitators to heal trauma and reduce stress; while integrating cannabis, nutraceutical and psychedelic programs. She has created the “Psychology for Freedom” ® and the “Regeneration Process” © to guide individuals and groups to heal themselves. As an Expressive Art Therapist, she currently offers ‘Steiner inspired’ innovative educational and consulting services to top executives, entrepreneurs, professional providers, healthcare systems, plant-based initiatives and regulators.

Healthcare has entered a critical time period where personalized delivery of healthcare must be leveraged to its maximum potential using technology. Jade Health Inc. and Regeneration Health, Inc. have developed a feedback and follow-up system through real world evidence aggregated data for the Cannabis, Genomic, Nutritional, Psychedelic and Psychological fields of study. Dr. Golda and her research team have created a personalized platform that goes beyond biochemical etiologies into Digital Therapeutics to integrate whole health creation ‘Salutogenesis’ with plant-based safe and effective remedies. Dr. Golda’s mission is to ‘end the confusion’ in these nascent fields of natural therapeutics by developing bioinformatic and digital therapeutic solutions to resolve integration challenges. Dr. Golda’s wish is to empower women to lead the plant-based integration into existing client-centered health care systems, globally. She intends to take personalization to a new level. Dr. Golda and her team of medical informatics experts have developed a platform for valuable scientific research to develop a comprehensive cannabis, nutrition and psychedelic database.

Marvin Washington played for 11 years in the N.F.L. and was a member of the Denver Broncos’ Super Bowl championship team in 1998. He is an advocate for ex-players dealing with the effects of concussions and pain management. He has written on this subject for The NY Times, Huffington Post and The Players Tribune. He has also been a guest commentator on ESPN OutSide The Lines, Fox and Friends, MSNBC, Fusion TV and HLN. He sits on the board of Texas Can Academy, the largest charter school system in Texas and Axim Biotechnologies a leading bioscience cannabinoid company. Marvin is a graduate of The University of Idaho and now resides in the NYC area.

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