The HempList #5: Hemp & Rec. Cannabis Growing with Littlejohn Farms

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In Summary

This podcast features a long time cannabis and now hemp grower, Troy Littlejohn of Littlejohn Farms. Chase hosts a great conversation as they walk through how Troy got started growing Cannabis in the Appalachia’s and ended up growing legal cannabis & hemp in Missouri (with more states to come).

For the first major topic of discussion, Troy explains where he see’s the most room for improvement in the current Hemp market. Here’s a clip about Curing cannabis and how some Hemp producers don’t hit the mark;

And another clip about their curing process in general:

After a detailed discussion on curing and preparing cannabis flower (that all growers should listen too) they move on to compliance issues and how it’s difficult to know who is being fully compliant in the current Hemp marketplace. Troy explains how he keeps his supply chain tight, and closely manages his own compliance and COA’s for purchased material.

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