Zero THC – What’s the point?


For many people who consume cannabis, in all its forms, the idea of having a zero THC distillate is confusing at best. Most don’t see the benefits of paying for cannabinoids without THC. However here are some things they probably haven’t considered.

Zero THC means you don’t have to be high in a psychoactive way. Many people enjoy feeling stoned, however find it less practical at certain times of the day. Having a CBD distillate can be nice in inducing a “calm” or “chill” without also dealing with the mental delays associated with getting “high”.

Zero THC means you can pass a THC/Amphetamine drug test. For the majority of people seeking pain relief both physically and mentally, consuming or applying high CBD products can be very helpful. Before zero THC was available, these users didn’t have an option to experience the relief because they had routine drug tests associated with their jobs.

Zero THC can be given to children. Since the laws governing and physiological effects of THC and CBD are distinct, zero THC products (and/or low THC + High CBD), can be utilized towards children. In fact, in the case of Charlotte, which inspired the brand Charlotte’s Web CBD, CBD was integral in Charlotte’s treatment for a severe form of epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome.

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