Hemp Biomass Prices 2019: A Look at Q1 Sales Data

What is the Benchmark Price for Hemp Biomass? Data is king, but in the quickly growing, and now legal, hemp industry, it can be hard to come by. Establishing a hemp biomass wholesale benchmark has been near impossible in the past. However, new data from Kush.com makes it possible.  While we would prefer to examine only […]

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Hand Trimmed vs. Machine Trimmed: What is the Best Process for Your Hemp or Cannabis

Why Trim Cannabis? Trimming cannabis buds gives them a smoother, more aesthetically pleasing appearance. It also results in a better consumer experience. Trimming cannabis is done by removing the unsightly leaves and stems which can hold excess chlorophyll. This excess cholorphyll may lead to a harsher taste during use. There are two options when it […]

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How to Transport Cannabis and Hemp Clones Kush Marketplace

How to Transplant Cannabis Clones: A Step-by-Step Guide

What we’ll need Mother Plant Shears / Straight Razor Rooting Solution / Organic Equivalent Rooting Storage Medium (damp paper towel, rooting tray with organic potting soil, rooting pucks etc.) Rooting Location Space UV Light Source Searching for high-quality, female cannabis or hemp clones? Click here >> How to Transport Clones (Step-by-Step): Select the cannabis or […]

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Should You Defoliate Your Industrial Hemp Plants?

What is Hemp Defoliation? “Defoliation”, or simply “pruning”, is a method used by hemp farmers to clean up the older leaves on the bottom half of the plant. Hemp Defoliation allows for more effective absorption of minerals, H2O, CO2, and light through the younger and more “chloroplast dense” upper leaves of the plant. Getting the […]

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What to Look for When Buying Cannabis and Hemp Seeds

Purchasing hemp and cannabis seeds is an exciting part of any planting endeavor. Cannabis and hemp is no exception, but it can sometimes be difficult to know which seeds to purchase. When picking cannabis or hemp seeds, some important things to consider are: Is the seller reputable? What type of grow are you planning? How […]

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Are Your CBD Products Properly Labeled?

The Three Key Reminders Display a stamp of approval from a third-party quality testing lab on your product Be as specific as possible when describing the cannabinoid compounds and their uses (don’t hyperbolize). Realize whether your product is supplementary or food/drink-based How to Properly Label Your CBD Products As a cannabidiol (CBD) retailer or distributor, […]

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The Dangers of Transporting Hemp Across State Lines: A Look at What Happened in Idaho

What Happened in Idaho? On January 24, 2019, Idaho State Police intercepted nearly 7,000 pounds of legally grown industrial hemp en route to Colorado from Oregon.  The truck was loaded down with 31 bags, with the bill of lading stating that the plant matter was industrial hemp, but after performing a roadside test with a […]

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Hemp Biomass: A Step-by-Step Guide to Harvesting

The size of your hemp crop is directly related to the size of your harving team or equipment. If the crop is too large for the team of harvesters to cut and transport during the time of harvest, not only is man power wasted, but the risk of loss in the quality of your crop due to mold, mildew, and bacteria increases drastically. […]

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How to Transport Hemp Biomass Legally Between States

Transporting Hemp Biomass Between States With the passage of the Farm Bill of 2018, we are entering a new era of industrial hemp and a hemp-derived CBD market. However, the current legal gray area that has persisted since its passage means that hemp producers are left with more questions than answers. This has never been […]

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Join Kush at NOCO 2019 for Our Group Buys

Group buys at NOCO Kush Group buys are a feature that is becoming increasingly popular on the Marketplace.  The group buys allow smaller companies to band their orders together to get large volume pricing on their smaller, individual, orders.  This month we have some great group buys that we are extending through the NOCO Hemp […]

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