Kush Certified: Requirements & Getting Started

To get your products Kush Certified simply apply online at certified.kush.com to start the application process.

Kush.com is dedicated to providing products that are safe, consistent, and reliable. Products are regularly assessed to understand their impact on your health and safety. Kush.com pushes for continuous improvements to promote reliability, health, and wellbeing.

The most reputable companies in cannabis work to eliminate risk and reduce stigma. Kush Certification demonstrates a brand’s commitment to quality and safety, affirming the products have passed rigorous performance and quality assurance tests. Remove the risk and turn to reliable, consistent products.

What makes Kush Certified Products Special?

Safety – All Kush Certified Products have been 3rd party tested for potency across all cannabinoids to ensure everything matches the label, and meets strict safety requirements.

Consistency – Certified Products are tested up to 4 Times a Year! Expect a consistent experience on every purchase.

Reliability – We take random samples from the manufactures inventory, and utilize an independent laboratory to ensure Accurate & Fair results.

Why Should a Brand get Kush Certified?

We all know the Hemp / Cannabis business is a competitive difficult market when it comes to selling consumer products.. Here’s how the Kush Certified program can help;

Gain Perceived Value – You may know that your products are everything advertised, and safe.. but now you have a chance to prove it to the world and set yourself ahead of the competitors.

Marketing Assets – The Kush Certified Program will come with the opportunity to add a ‘Certified Product’ logo to your packaging or marketing materials to show everyone that you’re products meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

Open Up Marketing / Sales Channels – Formal distribution networks are forming, and the new Kush.com direct to consumer site is coming! Make sure you qualify for the biggest marketing and distribution opportunities in the industry by getting your products Kush Certified.

Get Kush Certified: REquirements & What to Expect

To get your products Kush Certified simply apply online at https://certified.kush.com/get-certified to start the application process. The team will reach out for have a quick call discussing the program, making sure it’s a good fit before gathering your product information and some product samples.

From there if you’re products qualify for the program we will go over the cost to get certified ($1,500+ depending on # of SKU’s, & Kush.com Membership status) before scheduling a time for the Random Sampling & Testing with Method Testing.

Specific Requirements

All Kush Certified Products must meet the following criteria;

– Under .3% Delta 9 THC (Federally Legal)

– Max Psychoactive Potency 35mg per serving

– Serving size must be labeled with a warning

– Nutritional Label Available for Food & Beverages

– Consistent / Accurate Labels matching actual cannabinoid content

– UPC Codes / Barcodes

– No Medical Claims without FDA Approval

For more information on what makes products Kush Certified, click here.


Get started today! Apply now at certified.kush.com/get-certified and we’ll review your application ASAP.

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