How To Get On The HempList Podcast | First Year Highlights

After one year of the Hemplist we’ve already had an amazing 60+ episodes. There’s been good laughs, the occasional tear, and always something to learn from the Hemp & Cannabis professionals found on the Kush Marketplace!

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Want to Get on the Hemplist?

In our first year we’ve already earned 100,000s of views and accumulated about 1,000 subscribers. Now we’re opening it up to you!

Want to be on the next episode of the HempList? Anybody with an interesting story in the Hemp & Cannabis space may qualify to be on The HempList with Chase Nobles.

The easiest and most effective way to get on the podcast is by becoming a Premium Annual Member on Join the hundreds of active sellers on, save $200 per year on Premium features, and get a Free HempList Interview included with the membership. Have any questions? Just let us know by emailing with a brief description of your business.

More details about the Memberships Here

We do also offer Sponsored HempList podcasts (for qualifying hemp & cannabis businesses), that can be purchased with no membership required. The sponsorships vary and come in packages ranging from $500-$2000, membership discounts may apply. Write us at for the full details.

First Year Highlights & Best Of Videos

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